Attract Women With Foreplay Part 3

Practical Foreplay: Benefits: Prepares the mind for sex, helps to solidify a relationship, increases intimacy, lets a woman know you care about her, and increases the chance for more frequent and more passionate sex.

There’s a practical side for how to attract women with foreplay and getting her in the mood. If you want to attract a woman or keep her attracted after you get her in a relationship”Don’t be lazy.” Here’s a tip: When she walks in the door, she’s probably thinking about what all she has to do that evening: help the kids with homework( if you have any), pick up around the house, start supper, do a load of laundry, run a bath for the kids and put them to bed, etc…

Guys, you should try to remove this burden from her, get rid of all of the distractions, and meet her pressing needs. (This does not mean do everything all the time and kissing her ass, this just means be helpful when you see she needs help)

Attract Women With ForeplayIf her mind is clear and she has very little to worry about or take care of, then she will be a lot more open to being romanced or seduced. If you don’t do these things and a woman has a lot on her mind, then all you’re going to get, at best, is an accommodating partner – never an eager one.

That’s not exactly the recipe for mind-blowing sex.

Here are a few ways you can attract women with practical foreplay:

  • Help her with the children (if you have them) and don’t be a pig. Pick up after yourself.
  • Help out around the house, if she normally does the housework.

If she regularly prepares supper, do you ever ask her if she needs help?

If she is the one that normally does the dishes, do you regularly do them instead? (Secret tip: during an opinion poll by a well known polling agency out of 12,000 women surveyed 97% of women are more turned on by a guy that washes dishes than a man dancing naked, women are not that visual)

Attract a woman by feeding any animals you have, even though she normally does it.

Attract a woman by taking out the trash before she has to ask you.

Attract a woman by asking or taking the initiative to pick things up from the store when she needs them before she has the chance to go herself. (I know the brand and am not embarrassed to buy my girl her monthly stock of feminine products) A woman will assign you a higher perceived value when you take care of her needs.

Learn to ask this question often: “Is there anything I can do to help you?” When is the last time you said that to a woman? This act can also get you phone numbers too. If you want to attract women a helpful man is an attractive man, women complain when men don’t help them do anything. This is not a matter of handing over power, it’s a matter of asserting your authentic masculine self and making it easier for her to relax and enjoy other forms of foreplay, and she can’t do that if she is too busy.

(Fact: a woman’s mind at rest is 90% active and a man’s is only 70% active)

Men are able to turn off the thought of work and women continuously think about all the things they have to do, you need to as an Alpha male be more authoritative and lead a women to a more pleasurable experience with you. Women want you to lead and they want to be submissive to the right man, help them out and they’ll return the favor. This is a great way to attract women, besides they’ll brag about you to their girlfriends and you can simmer other options on the back burner if you want, it’s a good feeling when you have options.

Scenario: You see a woman removing groceries from her car, offer to help her with those bags and tell her to get the door, try noticing something in her home and make mention of it, continue your conversation and either collect her digits or invite her for coffee, skip the interview questions, and go for the date, act busy, excuse yourself and don’t be a pest.

This is practical foreplay at work and is just one step in how to attract women.

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