Attracting women

We see it all the time. We’ve seen the chief executive officer of a Fortune 500 company dating the hippie chick who wants nothing more to get stoned and protest every weekend. We’ve even seen the bodybuilding vegan girl dating the chain-smoking, skinny punk rocker who only dresses in black. And we’ve all seen the drop-dead gorgeous model with the funny looking guy with the balding pate and huge paunch.

There are so many myths about the steps to attracting women, but we still remain baffled.

We ultimately have no clue what makes a couple compatible.

What does that mean anyway? Well, normally it refers to having shared interests, values, and behaviors that give the relationship a shot at success.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
That’s partly the truth.

I want to shatter some common beliefs about relationships and the key to attracting women.

In a way, compatibility is the reasons we give ourselves for staying in relationships. But that doesn’t mean couples stay together because rationally they think they should

The truth is couples stay together because:

A. They have such a strong attraction to one another on a very deep level that neither person can leave, or

B. Because they get so comfortable with one person and nothing really gives them enough reason to walk away.


Maybe that’s why we look at all these couples out there that are seemingly incompatible and wonder what the hell they see in one another.

Well, either it’s because opposites attract and their attraction is very strong or because they each meet the other’s needs.

Now the latter instance is probably the best one to strive for when attracting women. Although opposites do attract, usually that attraction dies unless there are enough other similarities to keep the relationship humming along.

But beware; there is also danger in dating someone exactly like you. That type of relationship will grow stagnant and fail.

The ideal situation in attracting women is to find a woman who:

1. Attracts you on a gut level and

2. Meets your criteria.

You should make a list of absolute musts for the women you date. For instance, you might have on that list the following traits: non-smoker, Catholic, cat lover, loyal, trustworthy, good sense of humor, and so on.

By having this list and carefully knowing what is important to you, you will know when you meet someone who fulfills these requirements. Just be sure that you are realistic. For instance, you might be allergic to smoke and so a smoker is a deal breaker. Or you might be really against organized religion, so someone who is very devout may not work out for you.

Another important thing to remember in your journey attracting women is that there is no such thing as a soul mate. You don’t have to wonder if someone out there is the “one.” In reality, there are many, many people who you can bond with on a soul mate level and who will make you happier than you ever dreamed. Don’t settle and don’t’ worry that the “one” will get away. There will always be on another one, different, but able to make you happy nonetheless.

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