Alpha Male

When I was growing up, my grandfather told me that sometimes the best way to figure out what you want to do in life is to first determine what you don’t want to do. I think that this can apply to everything in life.

I think that if you want to adopt alpha male traits, it helps to realize what behaviors are the opposite of that behavior.

These traits that many men unconsciously exhibit are major turn offs to women. Men might be successful in building attraction and then hit a brick wall without realizing why. Often times, the following behaviors are what have stopped them in their tracks.

By being aware of these behaviors up front, you can avoid a lot of frustration, pain, and heartache. So let’s take a look at behavior to avoid:

Alpha Male Traits To Avoid:

* Acting clingy or needy. In reality, men act this way because they feel insecure. Let’s face it – all of us are insecure at some point. But when you act clingy or needy the woman becomes afraid you are going to smother her, act jealous or irrational, such as calling her every day on the hour. She is going to run away when she sees this behavior.

* Brag or try too hard. When you are overeager, it sends up red flags. If you brag about how cool and accomplished you are, she will be turned off. The true alpha male leaves some of his accomplishments a mystery for her to find out later.

* Act violent or lose their tempers. This shows a severe lack of self-discipline over your emotions. Women can’t trust men who fly off the handle. She will run away because she won’t want to live in fear or worried that she is going to set him off.

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* Become so shy that they can’t show their personality and come off as boring.

* Cross over that fine line between teasing her and insulting her. An alpha male knows that teasing sparks attraction while insulting means he’s headed for the door.

* Acts pushy. Whining and manipulating women to do anything is a huge turn off.

* Acts passive and can’t make a decision. Leaders make decisions and act dominant.

* Don’t listen. Men who are so self-absorbed that they don’t listen to what a woman says are huge turn offs.

* Act like pigs. You know what I’m referring to. Men who are coarse and rude are the opposite of alpha males.

* Men who are too obvious about wanting sex are boring and turn offs.

* Acting negative. Nobody wants to be around someone with a bad attitude or who acts pissy or defensive.

* Needy men also show they aren’t providers. They are stingy with their money and cheap. This shows they are not true alpha males, who like to be providers. That doesn’t mean you pay for everything, it just means you don’t exhibit this behavior. If money is tight, then plan an exciting, fun, inexpensive outing.

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