How To Attract Women

Women want men. They want real men. They say they want “nice guys” but that’s not the entire truth. Women want real men who are trustworthy and who will treat them with respect. That doesn’t mean a wimpy, supplicating guy who wants to fit in with the girls. Too many men get this wrong, so I’m hear to help out. Here’s how to attract women and how you can give it to them by learning these secrets.

How to Attract Women Secrets:

1. Give up the idea that women really, deep down inside really do want nice guys, just like they say they do. Well, here’s a wake-up call. They don’t. It’s a lie. What they want is a man who has integrity and acts with dignity and honesty. The problem is that when people hear the term “nice guy” they think of a sweet guy who is everybody’s friend. But the problem is when you try to be a “nice guy” you end up compromising yourself. By trying to make everyone else happy, you end up being needy, wimpy, and supplicating. So, your first step in attracting women is realizing that what women say they want is actually different than what they respond to in reality.

2. Instead, realize that the concept of a “nice guy” is really a myth. What women are saying is that they want their men to have integrity and not screw the over. They don’t want a wimpy man who could be a stand in for their new best friend forever. They want a man who is all man, but who will allow them to find that fine line between attraction and trust.

3. The reality is if you are so completely and utterly trustworthy and nice, she will not feel one shred of physical attraction to you. You need to find that fine line between her being willing to trust you and her also feeling a bit like you are a little bit mysterious.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
4. The honest truth is you never want a woman to feel too much at ease or too comfortable around you. That kills attraction dead. She needs to feel safe, but excited at the same time. That will build attraction, passion, and romance.

I like to say that being with a “nice guy” is about a thrilling as going bird watching. Give her a hint of danger and she’ll be hot for you.

5. Men fall into the trap that they end up believing that women really do want them to open up and share their very souls with them. Don’t do it. They misled you. Sorry, but that’s life. And just like life, it’s not fair. They want you to talk to them and share some of your feelings, but leave all your emotional drama – including baggage, complaints, and negativity – behind. Women hate whiners.

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