How To Pick Up Women

How To Pick Up Women

One of the most challenging things a guy faces is often getting a girl’s phone number. However elusive it might seem it is an essential step in how to pick up women.

So, you’ve conquered your approach anxiety and have the guts to walk up and strike up a conversation with a woman, so how do you nab that phone number, which is the next important step to ever seeing her again?
How To Pick Up Women

I think this fear of getting a phone number is where a lot of anxiety stems from in the first place. They are afraid when they are learning how to pick up women that they will be shot down when they ask for a phone number.

Even a slight hesitation on her part can feel like major rejection and can make me question my masculinity. But here’s a secret – it’s not your fault.

Here are three strategies that will result in you walking away with her number in your hot little hand (or your phone!).

How to Pick Up Women Strategy #1: Preparation

Even a few minutes or prep time will make a difference. It means having a plan before you interact with a woman. The first part of having a plan is having a time limit. I want you to shift the way you look at picking up women. Instead of looking at this time as your chance to impress her, look at it as her chance to win you over.

By setting a time limit to your interaction, you are sending a message that your time is valuable and that she has to prove she is worth your time because you have standards. The way to do this is to announce when you walk up to her that you only have a few minutes to chat.

This also works to help her lower her guard; she knows that you aren’t going to be pressuring her to leave with you, etc.

I suggest you give yourself five minutes to get her number and go. Here’s the next step:

How to Pick Up Women Strategy #2: Ask Your Prepared Question

I want you to have at least one quick and fun question that you are going to ask before you get her number. Remember you are not looking for a deep, intense conversation. You are only sticking around for five minutes, so you need a question that sheds some light onto what a fun, cool guy you are.

You want to leave her wondering what you will do or say next.

Here’s a technique for coming up with your own unique, situation specific question: You can say this: “Hey, if I said something funny about ___________, would you laugh and pretend I’m not hitting on you?”

Use the situation you are in to fill in the blank. For instance, if you are in the bookstore, you might mention the book she is reading.

Get her to smile and then ask her a serious question, such as “No, seriously, is that a good book?”

Now, within five minutes, you need to close with step three.

How to Pick Up Women Strategy #3: Get Her Number

In the middle of this fun interaction, you want to get her number and walk away. Say this:
“I don’t usually do this. I never walk up to women I don’t know and talk to them, but I made an exception for you. I’d like to continue this conversation. Let me have your number so we can talk again later.”

Then get her number and walk away. It’s that easy.

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