Ways To Get A Girl To Like You

Getting a girl to like you is much like finding the right stepping-stones to cross a river successfully. You want to be able to jump from one stone to the other without falling into the river. You can’t rush it. You have to take your time and make sure your footing is sure and steady before you take your next step in ways to get a girl to like you:

Here is how you jump, why you jump and why you jump in five steps:

Ways To Get A Girl To Like You Steps:

1. This first step applies if you meet a girl and won’t be able to move the conversation to another location. This mainly applies to women you meet unexpectedly or in a situation that is not very social. If you are meeting a woman in a more social environment, such as a bar or club, you can probably skip this first stepping-stone and move on to number two.

So, with those rules explained, here are the first things you must accomplish and the order they must come in:

  • Make contact. This is when you first approach her, introductions are made, and you engage in conversation.
  • Get her phone number. You need a way to hook up at a later time
  • Make that first call. Only talk long enough to set up that first date, or meeting.

2. This second step involves your first get together. If you had met a girl at a party and then asked her to leave with you to go get a drink, this would count. So, it doesn’t always have to be a different night that this second step occurs.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
During this first meeting, your goal is to spark her attraction to you. You can do this verbally, but it is key that there is some touching involved. You must touch her briefly and gently. It could be as simple as holding her hand or putting your arm around her. This is key to show you are not with her because you need a new best friend forever.

3. This third step MUST happen on your first real date or meeting. I would even go so far to say that if you have lured her away from a party to join you for a drink at a bar that this still needs to happen. The third step is moving in for a kiss.

This is absolutely crucial to ensure you don’t end up in the dreaded “friend zone.”

She might back off and say it’s a bit sudden and that’s okay. The point is you need to make your intentions clear from the get go. As soon as you are alone or on your first date, you need to move in for a kiss.

4. Your next goal, whether it is on that first date or at a later time (you’ll have to gauge which is better) is to engage in some extended kissing aka making out. Now, here are the following steps, which need to occur in this order:

* From making out, you need to move toward some sexual touching.

* After sexual touching, you need to get naked.

* The prize. Sex. Champagne. The end zone. The goal.

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