Guide To Understanding Women | 3 Strategies

Guide To Understanding Women

This is your guide to understanding women. A little bit of understanding goes a long way. Most men are completely clueless about how women work and what they want. With a little bit of understanding about what makes the fairer sex tick, you will be ahead of the game and stand out from the crowd.

I’m going to share with you a few tips on dating that will give you greater understanding of women and help you attract women a lot easier.

Guide To Understanding Women – Secret Strategy 1: Build up excitement and curiosity before you get close with her.

To create a really strong spark of attraction, you need to get the woman to feel excited and curious about you. If you don’t take the time to create these feelings, she’s going to consider you her new BFF instead of her lover.

It is less important to find out what you have in common and more crucial to create that spark of attraction by knowing how to flirt, play with the conversation and tease her. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve or you are doomed from the get go.

While women want a man sensitive to their feelings and emotions, they don’t want an overemotional wimp who cries during movies. Show you have emotional control.

Guide To Understanding Women – Secret Strategy 2: The best conversationalist is really the best listener…

If you show you are a good listener and are really hearing what a woman says, she will feel an instant connection with you, as if she has known you for years. Women want to feel this connection before they share themselves intimately.

This feeling of connection before becoming lovers is actually more important than a commitment. Most men have no clue about this.

Start by getting her to talk about herself. And then really listen so she knows she is truly being heard. When she senses this, she will get the feeling that you really understand her and then she is yours.

But remember be very careful how you use this strategy, you don’t want to end up as her new best friend because you are “Such a good listener.” Let her talk and listen carefully, but still keep control of the conversation to show your alpha male traits.

Guide To Understanding Women – Secret Strategy 3: Take Charge and Watch her Follow…

Women who are attracted to you and desire you are going to follow your lead. Don’t be a doormat and do anything she suggests or asks. This will kill any attraction to you in a heartbeat.

She wants to know that you are strong enough to keep her safe both physically and emotionally. They are biologically programmed to seek out men who are independent and secure and can care for them if needed.

Mark this one carefully in your Guide To Understanding Women!

Test her willingness to follow you every once in a while by making small request of hers. You can ask her to swing by the store and pick up a soda for you on her way over or to hold your drink for a second while you do something.

Small acts of compliance like this will subconsciously make her think about you as her protector and leader. This in turns makes her feel safe and as if she can trust you. If she feels like she can trust you, she will be more willing to let herself go emotionally and physically with you.

These three secret strategies from the guide to understanding women will increase attraction and desire that women feel for you in the best way possible.

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