Meeting Women

Life is busy.

We go to work, we come home, we try to find energy, time, and money to do anything else, but sometimes we end up on the couch with a beer watching television at the end of the day. This is sometimes what we need to do to survive and make it through each day, but it is not going to help you in your efforts at meeting women.

Part of learning about meeting women means putting yourself out there. You need to get out there and do things that interest you. Hey, bro, it’s easier than you might think.

If you need a little help, I suggest you sit down with a pad and paper and make a list of what you like. My list might look something like this: guitar, martial arts, action films, music, reading, and astronomy.

Meeting WomenWhat Guns Your Motor

So based on my list, I’ll do a little research on what types of activities are out there that involve me indulging in my interests. In my case, there is a local band I hang out with, a martial arts class I teach and take, an Asian action film festival, bookstores, libraries, and the planetarium. I could volunteer at the film festival. I can join the amateur football league, take a more advanced martial arts class, and join the chess club, whatever. It gets me out there.

Get Involved

Not all of these activities would at first seem conducive to meeting women, but that’s just at first glance. For instance, I might become good friends with a bunch of the guys on my football league. After a game one day, (which all their friends, male and female attend) we decide to invite all our friends and meet at a nearby bar. I automatically am meeting women right then and there.

And best of all, I’m meeting friends of friends in a completely natural environment to meet other people. And even better is that these women I meet also have other female friends to introduce to me once they find out I’m single.

Social Circle

Along with putting yourself out there, what you are doing as a nice side effect is building your social circle. Here’s the secret to meeting women – the more people you know the better chances and opportunities you have to meet women you want to date. So just by getting out there, you are expanding your reach.

And you never know how it is going to work in your favor. Maybe you become pals with an old guy who you play chess with every week. Then one day, he says he’s meeting his granddaughter for lunch and would you like to join them? He introduces you to her as a “nice young man” and you’veĀ  just met someone. Maybe you just end up being friends with her.

But here’s the great thing about meeting women that I said before – they always have more female friends – and if they like you and they aren’t interested or they have boyfriends, they will probably introduce you to another friend of theirs. (Women love playing matchmaker.)

So in your efforts at getting a girlfriend, remember it is not going to happen sitting at home. It takes putting yourself out there and the added benefit is your life will be that much richer and fuller just by getting out there.

Ninety percent of the process is just getting out of the places that are stopping you from meeting women – like your home. It may be cozy in there, but it’s also probably missing that one woman you’re looking for.

-Carlos Xuma


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