Attracting Women, 3 Secret Strategies

Despite what you might think, most men who are successful in pulling the ladies were not born with this ability. Sure, some of them were born with good looks – which definitely can help. And others were raised in such a way that they exude self-confidence, which is always a plus. But most guys have learned tips and techniques that help them in attracting women. Here are just a few that are easy to learn and practice and will quickly improve your ability to meet and attract women.

Attracting Women - 3 Secret StrategiesEye Contact

Have you heard about women who talk about love at first sight? It’s that look across the room that sends shivers down their spine. They immediately are attracted to a man who can make eye contact and send subtle messages within seconds.

The ability to maintain eye contact in a way that is not so long that it is creepy, but not so short that it appears random, is a powerful tool for attracting women.

Practice making eye contact and sending a message with your eyes – either in a mirror or with a close female friend so you learn how to get it right. Part of it will be what is going through your head when you are looking at the girl. It could be something as simple as this: I’m a red-blooded man and you are a desirable woman. Women will pick up on this. It’s sexy and effective in attracting women.

Body Language

My friends are often amazed that I can walk into a room and tell which girls I can approach and be successful with and which ones I’ll save for another day. I also like to do a little trick when I am teaching other men about attracting women and make accurate assessments on others pick up techniques.

For instance, I can watch a man trying to pick up a woman and within seconds predict whether he’s going to be successful or not. It’s all about body language. I can read whether she’s interested in the guy and also read whether he is portraying himself as an attractive alpha male or some schmuck she should turn down.

Attracting women is all about body language.

The way you sit, stand, and move can be tailored to make you more attractive. Men who spread themselves out while standing at a bar, for instance, convey alpha male traits and automatically become more appealing to women around them. Women who are pointing their feet and legs toward the door while you are talking to them, are probably not interested in you. If you want to become successful at attracting women, you need guidance. (Grab my free CD on Badass Body Language and start memorizing the parts that deal with signs of physical attraction.)


Your attitude absolutely must be positive. If you are a pessimist who complains and has a sour look on your face, you aren’t going to attract anyone. Now, this is not to say you need to be the goofy guy with the big grin plastered all over your face, either. You need to find a mix right in the middle.

If you’re focused on positive thoughts, it will show on your face even if you don’t smile all night long. As I mentioned before in the section on body language, we convey much more than we realize. Harnessing that communication and using it to your advantage is key in attracting women.

Learning how to attract women is just like any other skill: with a little knowledge and some practice, you can become an expert in no time.

-Carlos Xuma


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