How to Approach A Woman

I’m going to tell you a little secret about attracting women: it doesn’t matter what they say or how many times they say it, being called a nice guy, means you struck out.

The following is some insight into the myth of the nice guy and what you need to know if you want to be success in how to approach a woman:

How To Approach A Woman Tips:

1. The Nice Guy grew up hearing about what dog’s men were and decided he never wanted to be like that. His strategy to attract women was to be friendly, sweet, and caring. That way he would scoop all the women out from the other guys who were being jerks and players.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
What he didn’t realize is that in the process he became a supplicating wimp, making the big mistake: listening to what women told him instead of watching what they actually responded to.

2. The Nice Guy strives to make women comfortable around him. It’s because he doesn’t want women to think he is a jerk or a player. As a result, he comes off like a weak jellyfish. He might try so hard to be that friendly, nice guy that he starts to sympathize with all women face in life. He makes extreme efforts to not come off as a danger in any form.

What he doesn’t realize is that if a woman is too at ease or comfortable she’s not going to feel a lick of excitement or attraction. She needs to feel safe, but not so comfortable that there is no passion or romance. Nice Guys are as exciting as a warm glass of milk. Give her a dose of the right type of danger and she’ll be yours.

3. The Nice Guy thinks that women want them to be overly sensitive and share every mood and emotion with them. Not true. Women would like for you to have a decent conversation with them and share a bit of how you feel, but only a little bit. It is better to keep things close to your chest and remain a bit mysterious if you want to attract women.

Men need to realize that in order to be successful in approaching women, they need to dump the emotional baggage at the door. Cut out your complaining and any negativity and be a man. Women hate whiners.

4. The Nice Guy tends to be ashamed that he wants to talk to that girl because he wants to have sex with her. There is nothing wrong with that. We are sexual beings. Wanting to date and go to bed with a woman is natural. It’s not shameful or dirty.

Men have to realize that it is normal to want to have a roll in the hay with a hot woman. That doesn’t mean you have to marry her. Most women want sex as much as you do. With all that said, let me add this: never use a woman for sex, but also realize that your urges are natural and chances are she has the same ones as you.

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