Attract Women With Charisma

There is something that certain men have that is always a sure-fire way to attract women. It’s called charisma.

But how do you go about getting it? Well, at its core, charisma stems from self-confidence. As most of us know, this is sometimes hard won. If you are lacking in self-confidence, this may be your biggest roadblock in your efforts to attract women.

So let’s take a look at ways to build self-confidence.

Attract Women - 2Fearless Self-Inventory

It starts with the hardest step – take a good, hard, honest look at yourself and your life. I suggest taking an evening or even weekend to yourself and grabbing a notebook and pen and doing some soul searching. It sounds hard, and it is, but it will help you Attract Women.

During this period of isolation, I want you to look at what you like in your life and what you dislike. Then look at behavior and habits you like and dislike. Then look at areas that you feel can be changed and those that can’t.

If there is an area that you realize is making you unhappy, I want you to make a game plan to change that. It could be a one-year-plan or ten-year-plan. Right now, just get it down on paper. Don’t worry; this all has to do with helping you Attract Women. Trust me, we’re getting to that part.

Initiate Change

Armed with your self-inventory, I want you to make a set of goals. Categorize them by starting with six-month-goals and go all the way up to twenty-year-goals. To give you an example, maybe you hate where you live and you hate your job and you have realized that this makes you unhappy every day.

Your goals might be broken down into this: eat at home for the next six months to save money to travel to Europe and start taking Spanish classes. In Spain, look at possible job opportunities. In five years, have your dream job as a translator and be living in Spain.

You need to follow your dreams. You only live once. It sounds like a cliche, but if you really understand how short life is, then you need to get in gear.

If you are not happy, you will not be successful in your efforts to attract women. This may be just the thing that is keeping women away or keeping the right women away. So, make your goals and start taking those baby steps to make them happen.

Follow Your Dreams

Keep the goal in mind. Even if it takes you five years to get to Spain, never lose faith. And don’t feel like your life – or your goal to attract women — is on hold until this goal is achieved. Because I’m going to let you in on a little secret – it’s not achieving your goals that will make you Attract Women; it’s the simple fact that you are going for it, that will make you charismatic and attractive.

And in the end, you will win on both fronts because your life – with or without a woman in it – will be amazing and the bonus side effect of your efforts will be that you will automatically have charisma and as a result, women in your life.

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It’s up to you…

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Wishing you confidence and success with women – With HONOR and integrity.

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-Carlos Xuma

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