How Do You Get A Girl to Like You

If you want a girl to like you, there are a few goals you must keep in mind when you approach her that need to be accomplished if she’s going to want to have anything more to do with you.

It can be broken down fairly easily and if you remember these steps during your approach, you can mentally tick them off in your mind and know you are doing everything you can to get her to like you.

Let’s take a look at the areas you should be concentrating on:

How Do You Get A Girl To Like You Steps:

1. Generating interest and attraction.

Your first goal should be to approach her in a way that is going to spark her interested and attraction. It doesn’t matter where you are or what the situation is, you must work toward generating that initial tug of desire for you. It doesn’t always have to be a sexual attraction you are going for. You can charm her by talking to her as you would any other person on the planet, including your guy friends by just showing her what a fun, confident guy you are. That attraction can easily transform into a sexual one.

2. If you want a girl to like you enough to sleep with you at some point, your goal should be to create a sense of connection with her. A woman doesn’t necessarily need a commitment from a man to jump into bed, but she does need to feel a connection with you. There needs to be a feeling of positive energy bouncing back and forth between the two of you that feeds on itself.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
3. Ensure her emotions are always progressing toward intimacy with you.

Here are the emotional steps you should be trying to make her feel, beginning with the first time you speak:

  • That initial spark of attraction is the first step in learning how to get a girl to like you. Without attraction, there is no future together. Work on establishing this first.
  • Curiosity about you. You maintain a bit of mystery about yourself. Not telling her all or revealing your emotions or feelings.
  • Tension between you that you can increase with push and pull techniques. Teasing is a great way to build this tension. It shows you have confidence and don’t place her on a pedestal.
  • A sense of fun and excitement. Making her laugh is a great way to accomplish this.
  • Respect for you and the sense that you are a valuable commodity. An easy way to generate this is to not always be available for her. She will realize that she has a chance of losing you, which engenders a feeling of scarcity and gratitude for your presence.
  •  You are a challenge. You do this by not always being available (as mentioned), but also by challenging her by testing.
  • You make her feel that sense of connection toward you. One way to do this is by teasing. If you tease her like your friend’s little sister, she will feel as if she’s known you forever.

These are a few steps that you can keep in mind on your path as you answer that question: How do you get a girl to like you?

Women want a man they respect and feel connected to. When you approach a woman with the tips given above, you are demonstrating self-confidence that women will find attractive.

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