How To Get A Girlfriend

How To Get A Girlfriend

When you first start dating a girl, it’s hard to tell if she’s the one or not. You don’t know off the bat if she’s good for a short-term romance or if she’s going to be a serious, long-term girlfriend. Here are some steps to take either way.

How To Get A Girlfriend Step #1

Look For Red Flags. This is still the probationary period where you are making decisions about your possible future together. This is the time you are looking for red flags and determining whether they are issues you can resolve, live with, or if they are deal breakers. Dispel any thoughts creeping in your head about how you can change her to fit your mold. You can’t. And any short-term behavior changes will not be long-term and will most likely lead to resentment on both your parts.

How To Get A Girlfriend Step #2

Strategically Schedule Your Dates.When you are at the casual dating stage, make sure you only date each woman one time a week. More than that, and they will start expecting you to be exclusive before you have made that decision yourself. If you decide she is the one you want for a girlfriend, then start seeing her more than once a week. Don’t lead anyone on. If you don’t want a girlfriend, make that clear.

Keep in mind that this will probably make her want you more.

How To Get A Girlfriend Step #3

Build Attraction Constantly. Make sure each time you get together, that you are working to increase the attraction. That means, you in for the kiss on that first date. Escalate on the second date to include longer kisses and touching. Then, go for more of the same and then some erotic touch and clothing shed. Of course, the next step is sleeping together.

How To Get A Girlfriend Step #4

Make Your Attraction Clear. Even though some women might require you to move a little slower than that, make sure that you when you slow your pace, you are still progressing forward. As you move toward this relationship intimacy, remember that you need to keep the attraction and escalation always moving forward. Otherwise, you will end up with a new best friend.

How To Get A Girlfriend Step #5

Nonchalant. During the first two months you are dating someone, keep the general mood fun and lighthearted. Don’t overly praise her, compliment her, or shower her with gifts. Act relaxed and nonchalant. Now is not the time to be intense or come on too strong. Don’t harp about “feeling” and most definitely do not write poetry about her or read it to her. Keep it light.

And walk that fine line where are building sexual attraction and escalating and yet you are not making any references to sex. Let her know you are attracted, but don’t make innuendos. This will not turn her on. If you are building attraction the right way, then she knows you want her already.

If you follow these steps, you will ride out any short-term romances and have the time and effort and laid the groundwork already into a relationship if you both determine there is a future together.

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