How To Be A Pick Up Artist, 3 Strategies To Avoid Being A Creep

Pick Up Artist: 3 Strategies To Avoid Being A Creep

Learning how to be a pick up artist often gets a bad rap. Some deserve the rep. A few bad eggs can make the rest of the bunch look bad. The truth is that pick up artists are guys who know proven techniques to attract women.

I’m going to share with you three strategies you can use to attract women even more effectively than a pick up artist can. Why is that? Because rather than imitate the behaviors of a pickup artist in the hopes that you can emulate him, what I want to show you is how to become a man who attracts women naturally.

Instead of acting, you will be the real thing. You won’t have to be sneaky, manipulative or learn witty things to say. You will just naturally attract women.

How to be a pick up artist – Strategy #1: Don’t Try Too Hard

There is a huge difference between learning new skills to help attract women and adopting a “pick up artist” persona who dresses a certain way and uses all the same lines and openers as every other pick up artist on the planet.

Make sure you are spending your time and energy learning what women want in a man and then working to give it to her. Pickup artists aren’t superheroes with special powers.

Don’t emulate the pick up artists you know. Otherwise, women will spot you from a mile away and you’ll look like you are trying too hard.

What you want to do is be the guy who knows what she wants and how to give it to her – by studying pickup artist strategies – but who flies under the radar by just being yourself. This is extremely attractive to women.

How to be a pick up artist – Strategy #2: It’s not a persona you put on and take off

Like the previous strategy, you need to remember that the ability to attract women is not something you turn on and off. You need to make your skills and abilities part of your personality.

Otherwise, if you put on this personality like a cloak, then you are harming your self-confidence.

Here’s what I mean, if you “turn on” this pick up artist identity only when you need it, you are essentially telling your subconscious that you are putting on an act, that it is not really you and that you are not really like that.

That means you are programming your subconscious to think that you have to put on this alter ego because you are not naturally attractive to women.

The true pick up artist doesn’t put on an act. He knows he’s a pick up artist all day long, all week long, all year long. It’s not a role he plays. It is who he is.

The secret realization that comes from this is that you don’t need to be manipulative, deceitful or play games to be attractive to women. Playing a role will turn her off and she will see through you. To be your most attractive self, you need to learn some techniques and then just need to be yourself.

How to be a pickup artist – Strategy #3: Don’t be a Grabber

I don’t mean physically grabbing a woman – although that’s not a good idea, either. What I mean is quit looking at the skill to attract women resulting in something you GET.

For instance, quit viewing it as a game where the prize you get is: a phone number, a kiss, a date, and intimacy.

Men who look at it that way are the creepy pick up artists who women run away from. What you want to be is an honorable guy who is all about GIVING. I’m not talking about giving just so you can get.

I mean giving her a good time, helping her bring fun into her boring life, giving her a true man who is intelligent and masculine and who can turn her on.

So try this on for size: the next time you are talking to a woman, quit thinking about what you can get an start thinking about what you can give. Think about ways you can make her feel good about herself, such as giving her a compliment and showing her you are a strong, masculine man.

This is the secret to attracting women. It’s not about the superficial tricks that some pick up artist will teach you to get women.

Instead of trying to put on an act and emulate someone else, show you can be an authentic man who knows what a woman wants and you will be way more attractive to women than any pick up artist out there. And that’s the best formula for how to be a pick up artist.

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