Pick Up Women

It’s a fact of life – the guys who are aggressive are the ones who can pick up women. Passive guys are left to pick up the crumbs, if there are any even left.

The sooner you face this truth, the sooner you can get out there and learn to approach women yourself.

You can whine about it not being fair, but unless you study and adopt the traits of an alpha male, you are going to be the guy left holding the doggy bag while the aggressive guy walks out the door with a woman on each arm.

Are you afraid that learning alpha male traits makes you a jerk? Or arrogant? Or dishonest? Then you must have a misunderstanding of what alpha male traits are. Learn them, instead of getting depressed that you never get to approach women, get mad, and use that to motivate you toward change that is positive and healthy.

In the animal and mankind world, the dominant – alpha males – get the girls. This means they get laid and reproduce. But if you aren’t willing to take a risk, get out there, and try, your DNA won’t make it to another round.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
The reality is that if you jack up your confidence level and take control of your love life, you will be your true, real you. If you are not demonstrating male traits that are biologically programmed in you then you are probably not being true to yourself.

There is a chance you are hiding behind your fear and making excuses about it. This is going to hurt you when you try to introduce yourself to a women.

Let’s talk about some of the fear and excuses you might be facing and which is also a hindrance why you can’t get a  women.

Pick Up Women Hindrances:

1. Sexual control and power is a source of subverted anger for many men. Do you feel like you have to jump through hoops to get laid? If so, you might be angry and/or bitter about it. But it’s not true that women have the control. You need to let go of that deep-seated anger if you are going to have any real success in approaching women.

2. Flip it on its head. Realize that women feel that they are the ones without any control. They sit there and wait for that confidence, disciplined man with a sense of humor to come up and approach them. Why don’t you give them what they want? If you are fulfilling their need, you are controlling the supply and demand cycle. Make sense?

3. There are never enough men who exhibit these three alpha male traits, that I call the Three S’s. If you cultivate self-confidence, self-discipline, and a sense of humor, you will be in demand and you will never want for female attention. Picking  up women is not for you.

You will be the one in control and the one who has all the power. It’s all about flipping it on its head, changing your mindset, developing some alpha male traits, and letting to of any bitterness or anger.

If you can’t let that go, then you should seek some counseling and then come back as a new man, ready to pick up women and enjoy a fulfilling, satisfying dating life.


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