Seduction Techniques

Women love guys who are a bit cocky.

An aura of cockiness is actually a great arsenal in your seduction techniques and help spark attraction. When you are a bit cocky, you exude self-confidence, self-discipline, and a sense of humor. So, you encapsulate all the Three S’s in one fell swoop.

I’m going to share some cocky phrases with you to use when you speak to women that are tried and true seduction techniques. The trick is in how you say them. You almost always need to say them in a teasing voice, with a heavy dose of self-confidence. These phrases will fail miserably if you use a needy, weak, or supplicating tone. You need to be a bit brash. You need to use your sense of humor and that’s what keeps these comments from being arrogant and a turn off.

You’ll notice many of these lines are reversing gender roles, which automatically makes them quite funny.

Seduction Techniques and Tips for When You First Meet Someone:

1. “You’d better be careful or you are going to want to hang out with me again. I have to be careful about attracting stalkers, hope you’re not one.”

2. “You seem really nice, but I’m not ready for a relationship, what if I told you I just want to be friends?”

You have to say this very sarcastically for it to come off as cocky.

3. “Hey give me your number. I promise I’ll keep my messages to fewer than twenty a day. That’s not too many is it? It will make you feel extremely popular.”


Seduction Techniques and Tips for When You are Already Dating

1. “I’ll drive, but you’re going to have to keep your hands to yourself. You always make passes at me and make me feel like I’m only a sex object.”

Say this with a heavy dose of put on indignation.

2. If she mentions children, say this:

“You really like kids? I’m not sure I’m ready to get pregnant yet. I know I’ve got the hips for it, but I’m worried about the weight gain.”

3. If she talks about money too much, say this:

“I get it. You’re trying to marry your way into getting my family fortune. I’ve heard the new fad is exchanging credit reports and W-2 forms. Are you up for it?”

4. If she talks about your family, say this:

“I really like to talk about my family, but my uncle, Donald Trump, told me to never drop names to try to impress a girl. I know that when you are friends with the president, people do talk. I’m just fed up with Anderson Cooper calling me for political advice.”


Seduction Techniques and Tips for Chance Encounters

1. If you end up in an elevator with a good-looking woman, you can say:

“Don’t you hate it when everyone in the elevator just stares at the floor numbers? Wait, you might be wondering about the friendly people who chat you up?” Say this very casually and with a smile.

2. In a crowded bar, you might say:

“Excuse me! Did you just touch my butt? That is so rude. I don’t even know you.”

If you pull all these off with aplomb, you will have achieved the right level of cockiness and a sense of humor to spark her curiosity and go from there. These are some tips for seduction techniques.

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