Flirting Tips For Guys

The key to success with women ultimately lies in knowing what women want. Some guys hear this and just wave the white flag, thinking they’ll never be privy to the secret of what women want.

With so many different types of women in the world, how could they possibly learn what women want and then apply that to all women? Well, the secret is, you can.

If you study flirting tips for guys, you learn that there are some basic skills that attract women. There are some essential traits that make women want to be with certain men.

Sure, every woman is different, but there is definitely a particular type of man that attracts all types of women.

Flirting Tips For Guys Secrets:

1. Women want a man who does the following:

  • Makes women think.
  • Makes women feel sexy, excited, and turned on.
  • Never lets them feel bored.
  • Has priorities and is not a doormat
  • Makes her feel like she is important to him
  • Isn’t afraid to voice an opinion
  • Challenges her by having the Three S’s (self-confidence, self-discipline, and a sense of humor)
  • Maintains some mystery about himself.
  • Will occasionally act spontaneous
  • Gives the woman her freedom and space and maintains his own.
  • Isn’t a daddy or a son figure, but is a lover.
  • Is more of a Romeo character than a Fabio
  • Practices chivalry

2. Women do have needs, but sometimes they voice wants and desires that they don’t even realize they don’t want. For instance, women who say they want a nice guy, don’t really always want the stereotypical “nice guy.”

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
When she says nice guy, she wants someone she can trust and someone she is attracted to. She doesn’t want a pushover or wimp or parasite type of man.

3. Here are the things that women want out of a relationship with a man. They may use other words for it, but ultimately, these traits are what women truly want and what makes them happy and want to stick around:

  • A feeling of safety. They are not going to have that feeling unless they can trust the guy they are with. To trust that man, he must be stable emotionally, not violent, and of good morals and values.
  • A feeling that she is appreciated. Women want to feel special and unique. Men can make them feel this way with affection. They can give massages, cuddle, and occasionally treat her like a princess or queen.
  • Someone who helps them satisfy their desire to talk about emotions and drama and intrigue.
  • The Three S’s: self-confidence, self-discipline, and a sense of humor.
  • Someone who is consistent in his behavior.
  • Someone who makes her feel secure. He is able to provide for her and is loyal.
  • A feeling of excitement and fun. Men who aren’t afraid to be creative and different are wanted.
  • A sense of mystery. A man who doesn’t disclose everything about his life or himself.
  • To be treated like the person she is and not placed on a pedestal. Instead, a guy who teases her.

If you strive to achieve some of these traits in your study of flirting tips for guys, you will also realize that you don’t need to have every single quality, but if you manage to conquer a few of them, you will find that women will flock to you instead of the other way around.

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