How To Talk To Girls

You don’t need a bestselling book to convince you that men and women sometimes seem like they are from different planets. This is especially apparent when they try to learn how to talk to girls. Don’t be shocked, but men and women don’t really speak the same language.

For instance, along with differences in communication styles, we find that our conversations with members of the opposite sex often spiral downward faster than we can say men are from mars.

A typical conversation gone awry might have the woman casually mentioning she is taking a class in astrology. The man starts badgering her about how it is not a practical choice and won’t count toward her degree.

Then the woman says she’s not sure about her major anymore, anyway.

The guy immediately analyzes her offhand comment about possibly going into marketing, saying that might not be a good field for her to pursue at this time.

He ends up telling her to stick with studying accounting.

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She gets mad. She tells him he’s not listening and he doesn’t understand what she is trying to say.

He gets defensive and says he thinks it’s ridiculous she’s going to change her major to astrology.

Of course, she says, that’s not what she said.

And so on.

In our study in talking to girls, let’s analyze what went wrong in this conversation. We’ll start with the basic principles of motivation for both men and women to engage in a conversation. Women talk sometimes just to talk. Men talk because they are trying to find a solution and solve a problem.

Men feel they need to solve a problem and give advice when there often isn’t a problem. The woman above was just talking about some of her thoughts and feelings, not looking for advice on her major.

How To Talk To Girls Secrets:

1. Men look at conversation in a completely different way than women. Along with talking to problem solve, communication is often somewhat aggressive. We use our words to battle. We argue and our egos clash. We also use conversation as a way to brag.

2. Women are brought up to be careful not to hurt someone else’s feelings in conversation. They use talk to share themselves and exchange advice. They also like to talk about dramatic things and use emotions.

3. So, the difference is women talk in a give-and-take manner and men use talk as a weapon.

4. In closing, let’s reveal what the man in the above conversation should have said when the woman told him she was considering taking an astrology class.

He should have said that sounds interesting.

Then if she brought up maybe changing her major to marketing, he could have responded with “Really? Why do you find that interesting?”

Then she would have shared a bit about herself how she thinks she might be good at marketing.

He could agree, saying he could see how she would be good in that field based on her skill set.

She might say that since she is really better at numbers maybe she should stick with accounting.

He could make a joke about how she could be the accountant for astrologers or something.

And with that exchange, there was no argument or misunderstanding. In fact, both the man and the woman probably leave the conversation happy. These are some tips on how to talk to girls.

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