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There is something in the pick up artist world we like to call “oneitis.” It refers to the stage where a man in the dating arena becomes unhealthily focused on only one girl.

You’ll find yourself saying thing, such as:

  • This one is really different.
  • I really like her.
  • She’s the one for me.
  • I hope I don’t mess this one up.
  • I want to give her all my attention.

Does any of this sound familiar? These are all symptoms of “oneitis.” What ends up happening in nearly every case is he ends up losing that girl.

I’ll repeat that: Men ruin all chances with this woman because they focus all their attention on her, put her on a pedestal and basically make her the center of their world.

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Big mistake.

Acting that way kills attraction. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Women expect men to date other women. Unless you are engaged, you should make sure you are dating other women at all times. This applies especially in cases when you meet a girl you really, really like.

Here is why you should date other women:

Pick Up Artist Techniques:

1. Your confidence and attitude remain intact. When you date more than one woman, you won’t find your ego in tatters when a girl turns you down for a date or rejects you. If you have all your eggs in one basket, you risk hurting your self-confidence.

2. You maintain a healthy perspective. If you are dating several women, you have a great frame or reference to compare the women and their behaviors. When you are dating one woman and she starts treating you poorly or acting in ways that question her integrity, you won’t make excuses for it. You see how other women act in similar situations and recognize the behavior for what it truly is: a red flag.

3. Your perceived value is higher. We all think the grass is greener on the other side. We all want what other people have. A man who is dating other women automatically becomes more desirable.

4. You avoid that inevitable downward spiral. When you are dating only one woman you might fall into the trap of becoming obsessed with that woman and pressuring her to spend time with you. Women will feel trapped and back off, becoming aloof. Dating other women gives you more options and prevents you from becoming obsessed.

5. You avoid misleading the woman into thinking you are an exclusive couple. Women don’t necessarily want to be exclusive right off the bat. If you are only dating one woman, she’s going to think that is your intention. She will even infer that you want a long-term, monogamous relationship.

Men might think that I’m not in favor of monogamy. I am. After you have dated a woman for several months and decided that she shows the most promise of all the women you date and that she deserves and has earned the status of being the “one.”

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