Pick Up Women

Pick Up Women

Too many men put women on pedestals and choose to ignore any faults they might have – at first. Women are not any better – nor any worse – than men. They are just different. It is only after we spend time with a woman that we begin to see their shortcomings. Guess what? It’s the same for many women. They often think the best of us until we prove different.

Usually this isn’t’ a problem, but it can become an issue when we think a new woman we met is all that and a bag of chips and then she ends up being like someone out of the movie Fatal Attraction. If you truly want to be effective in how to pick up women, it helps to be able to distinguish or recognize some of these deal breakers right off the bat.

Here are some red flags to watch for:

How to Pick Up Women – Types to Avoid:

The Emotional Train Wreck. You can recognize her from her erratic behavior and wild mood swings. She might need medication. She may have a history of stalking. She has no or very few friends. She’s a downer.

The Gold Digger. She’s obsessed with the things that money can buy. She usually makes this obvious by asking questions about your status, power, and bank account. She may be a work-workaholic. She name drops. She only wants the finest restaurants, clothing, etc. She may be in debt.

The Female Player. She acts aloof. She is a tease. She says one thing and acts another way. She’s a party girl looking for the next exciting thing – or man. She is a social butterfly. She’s the female version of all the men who study how to pick up women.

The Abuser. She can be violent and emotionally and physically abusive. She throws things, strikes out, name calls, and likes extreme rough sex. She has a trigger temper.

The Flake. She is unreliable. She is always late and never does what she says. She consistently lets you down.

The Party Girl. She is reckless and loves to stay out late. She’s impulsive and has a short attention span. She’s flighty.

The Bitch. She’s manipulative and controlling. She has an attitude. She sulks. She’s very unpleasant. She’s impossible to make happy. Her strong personality turns into something mean.

The Manipulator. This is a form of the Bitch. She is the boss. She is unreasonably jealous. She snoops.

The Narcissist. She wants men to worship her. She’s usually beautiful and flaunts it.She is superficial. She is obsessed with being the center of attention. She only cares about herself.

Now one thing you might realize when you study these in regards to how to pick up women

– these are all stereotypes, but they all have traits that are easily recognizable. It doesn’t take long to see just what type of women they are. Some women may have a few of these traits and be great otherwise. Time will tell whether the negative traits overwhelm all of her positive attributes.

Learning how to pick up women really is about experience. It’s about deciding what characteristics are deal breakers and deciding how much time you want to waste on someone who might not be what you are looking for after all.

– Carlos Xuma

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