Dating Advice For Guys

Dating Advice For Guys

A lot of time and energy has been spent pointing out the characteristics and traits of poisonous women – you know, women who will crush your spirit in a relationship and break your heart.

But there is another way to recognize some of the warning signs of these dangerous relationships. As some of my dating advice for guys, I feel it is important to share them with you. Sometimes these toxic relationships are the result of an unhealthy dynamic between two people. Sometimes this poison that seeps into a relationship doesn’t necessarily reflect on the health of each partner, but simply on the chemistry that forms when they are together. In other words, she might be great for another guy and toxic for you and vice versa.

So here are some important warning signs that you should pay attention to. Remember that this flirting tips shows you what you should watch out for in yourself, not in her:

Dating Advice For Guys Red Flag #1

Obsession. This can create crazy behavior on both your parts so that it is a back-and-forth erratic behavior. It sometimes starts out with a crazy lust that leads to volatile chemistry that is mistaken for love. When you are alone, you feel terrible and depressed without her. Your sleep is disrupted by your obsessive thoughts. You change your priorities. You become insanely jealous.

Dating Advice For Guys Red Flag #2

Loss of Self-Control and Discipline. This is when you lose your temper, freak out often, and feel out of control. Your jealousy controls you. You park outside her house or call at all hours.

Dating Advice For Guys Red Flag #3

Behavior that is self-destructive. You neglect work or family. You act out of character. You drink too much or use drugs. Your health takes a backseat. You jeopardize your lifestyle.

These are all warning signs that you are embarking on a dangerous, self-destructive path that could possibly wreck you. At the very least, you are compromising your integrity. You are hurting your chances at happiness by continuing this pattern.

When you see that you have become obsessed with a girl, that you have changed who you are, and that you act irrationally, it’s time to take a serious look at the relationship. It might be someone else who points your behavior out to you. Sometimes we can’t see what is right before us. Sometimes it takes a well-meaning friend or relative to open our eyes to a toxic relationship.

I’m not saying that every naysayer who disapproves of your relationship is right. Often people will act this way out of jealousy or other motives that have nothing to do with you or your relationship. But if a friend you trust says something, sit up, and pay attention. Try to figure out if there is any validity to their observations. If you get a well-intentioned word from a friend, coupled with some of the red flag behaviors mentioned above, then it’s time to do some serious rethinking about your relationship. Dating advice for guys is a guideline that we should have in order to be a winner.


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