Seduction Techniques

Jack used to wonder why women never wanted to go to bed with him when he brought them home and desperately needed tips on seduction techniques. When I saw his apartment, I knew why. The bathroom nearly made me vomit and the slushy contents in the refrigerator just about did me in. His nasty underwear could be found throughout the apartment, even on the kitchen floor. His sheets were covered in cat hair and other unidentifiable stains.

Nick was more of a neat freak, so I wasn’t sure why he was striking out until he invited me over to see his place. In the front entryway, practically the first thing I saw was a bookshelf stacked to the top with pornographic magazines.

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Then when you entered his bedroom, there was an entire display case of Star Wars action figures. He also had a few Die Hard posters taped to the walls. It was like being in high school again, except that Nick is 26.

I gave these guys a little bit of advice; I’d like to share with you on how your apartment needs to meet certain standards if you want to seduce a woman. Because the truth is when a woman walks into your place, she is mentally making judgments on you and deciding whether you are worth her time.

Seduction Techniques:

1. Your house absolutely positively must be clean and orderly.

This means no dirty laundry on the floor. No clean clothes on the floor, either. Your bathroom, particularly the toilet and sink must be clean. Keep dust at a minimum and cobwebs nonexistent.

Throw away any used food containers, pizza boxes, or trash. Cull the items in your refrigerator so nothing is growing mold or disgusting looking or smelling. Make sure your frig doesn’t reek. Make sure your whole house smells okay.

If you have pets, keep them clean and get rid of fur and animal smells as much as possible. Don’t have stacks of papers everywhere or dead plants.

Make sure your bed has clean sheets and your bathroom clean towels.

2. Make sure your house is functioning properly.

That means do basic home repairs. Your faucets and toilet should work. You should have light bulbs that work. Repair any small defects such as holes in the wall or doors. Fix broken windows.

3. Be ready to rock and roll. I’m talking seduction here, so that means have a method to create ambient lighting. I prefer installing dimmers on lights in the bedroom and living room. I also think candles cannot be underestimated.

In addition, don’t forget to keep condoms close by the bed (in a drawer or other discreet location) and possibly some massage oil to get her warmed up.

4. Eliminate any evidence that you have or have had other women over at your pad. That means photographs, phone numbers, notes, mementos, etc. Put them away (out of sight temporarily) if you want to keep them for sentimental reasons.

Same goes for any pornographic movies or magazines.

5. Make sure your décor says something about you that she likes. If you are close with your mother, have a picture of her out or other family members. If you cannot afford a comfy couch, get nice pillows to make it more inviting.

Stock up with some wine and something to nibble, such as chocolate or grapes.

Have some romantic music geared up and ready to play.

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