Approach Women

It’s happened to the best of us. We know all the best pick up lines. We know just how to strike up a conversation with a girl and charm her socks off, but then one day, we see a girl who makes us tongue tied.

It happens. There are so many ways to approach women, but sometimes in the heat of the moment, it all disappears from our mind. We freeze. We get flustered and don’t remember what to say or what to do next.

Approach WomenSometimes it helps to have a way to remember some key points in moments like this. I like to use word association to jog my memory in these types of instances when you are about to approach women. Much like the way you might use word association to help you remember names.

I’m going to share with you a little tip to help you remember the most important facets of your personality you should be showing during these moments if you want to have a shot at walking away with a phone number or date.

Here are the three things that I try to remember when I approach women. I like to think of them as the “Three S’s”:

  • Smile. There is something so disarming about a smile. If you walk up to someone and smile, they are going to have a hard time not smiling back. Smiling makes you feel good and relaxes you, which will help you when you approach women. Make it real.It doesn’t have to be a huge Cheshire cat grin, but make it your regular smile – the same one you would use if you ran into a friend you really like.
  • Sincerity. You have dozens of choices to make about what you are going to say to a woman you approach. I’m here to tell you that exactly what you say is much less important than the way you say it. You must be sincere in whatever it is you chose to say whenever you approach women. If you compliment her, it must be a genuine compliment that reflects something you really think. It needs to be real. If it’s not, she will pick up on that fact.
  • Sex Appeal. Now, I’m not talking about unbuttoning your shirt so she can see your chest hairs or swaggering into the room. What I’m talking about is much more subtle. It really boils down to you walking up to her with an alpha-male attitude. And that means you walking up knowing that you are a healthy, sexual man and she is a woman. Just thinking that in you mind as you walk up to a girl will make you subtly exude tons of sex appeal.

Simply remembering these three tips will relax you and loosen you up and you will be able to initiate a conversation and then draw from your other repertoire of tools. It always helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve to get you out of that moment of panic.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, the best of us freeze up and need a little help getting the gears going. I hope these ideas can help and get you through it.

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