How To Ask A Girl Out Rules

If you want to learn how to ask a girl out, you need to throw out the outmoded, old-fashioned concept of dating. Otherwise, you’ll come off as boring and predictable. What you want to be is exciting, thrilling, and attractive to her.

There are some hard, fast rules in asking a girl out that I will share with you below. They will help cement a strong and deep attraction and interest on her part.

How to Ask a Girl Out Rule #1-4

1. Avoid calling her for that first time on a weekend. Don’t ever call her between 5 p.m. on Friday and 5 p.m. on Sunday. You want to show you are too busy during those times to call.

2. Wait at least 48 hours after you get her number before you call. In fact, it is best to wait at least 72 hours (three days).

3. If you get her voice mail during that first call, leave one short message. Wait two days for her to return your call.

4. If she doesn’t call you back after two days, block your caller ID and call her back. If she doesn’t pick up, don’t leave a message.

Rule #5-8

5. When you do make contact, remember the point of the phone call is solely to set up a date. Ask her just one question about her day and then immediately set up the date. Show you are busy and don’t spend more than five to ten minutes on the call.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
6. Only offer her two days when you are available to get together. For instance, you might say you are free on Tuesday and Friday, and then ask her which one works for her. You can say you have three other things going on this week, but you can make room during those nights. Remember, if she is interested in you she will either make one of those days work or will suggest a different day the following week. If she doesn’t suggest – or counter offer – then you should move on.

7. If she does counter offer, make a point to say you’ll have to reschedule some things but you might be able to make it. As a rule of thumb, the only instances when you should accept her counter offer after she has refused your two nights, is if she makes a counter offer very strongly and you are assured of her genuine interest in you.

8. Try to never set any meeting that will take place more than four days away. That will help prevent flaking.

Rule #9

9. This is a fun way to ask a girl out. Call her from your cell when you are about 15 minutes from her house. Tell her you are in the neighborhood and wanted to see if she had time to meet you for coffee. Ask her how long it will take for her to make it to the coffee shop.

You are not asking her if she wants to meet you, you are asking her if she has time to meet you. Also, you aren’t picking her up. If she hesitates, tell her whatever she has keeping her busy won’t be as fun as getting together with you.

If she still balks, then have a sense of humor about it, but be sure not to contact her again until at least three days have passed. These are some rules on how to ask a girl out.

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