Dating Tips For Guys, Great Experiences

Dating Tips for Guys – Unique Ideas, Great Experiences

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It’s rather unusual, but when guys go around trying to find out how to get a girlfriend, they always go right to this step… dating tips for guys. I mean, if you truly want to achieve your goal, I highly recommend backing up a little bit and taking a deep look within yourself first. Part of the so-called problem may lie in there. I recommend Carlos’ inner game stuff, as well as a dating tips for guys program that helped me immensely by the name of Secrets Of The Alpha Man.

If you are comfortable within your own skin and confident in the way you live, congratulations! You are certainly on your way to becoming an expert at attracting women and getting that fulfilling relationship you’ve been looking for.

Once you’re at this stage, you really need to learn how to date. There are many realms to this step, but I think one of the most important is being able to show every girl you date that you can provide her with both a fun and unique experience that no other guy has had the stones to show her. Don’t be a shy guy.

Be irresistible to women…

Most of the time, guys are too routine and lazy to show a girl a good date. Dinner and a movie is extremely cliché. Although dinner can definitely work within the first few dates if your personality is an eleven out of ten, you may want to shy away from it for now.

Today I’m going to give you the Mulligan Top Six (no particular order here) for dating ideas. You can use these right away, so long as you have someone to take! If you are trying these out on a brand new girl, I personally suggest using one from the Competition Sector first, then the Bad Boy Sector and finally the Don Juan Sector. Mix and match thereafter if you still like her!

Dating Tips For Guys – What to do on a date…

Competition Sector – Nothing gets a girl’s juices flowing better than a little competition. This is going to be your big chance to tease her, get her smiling and laughing and to demonstrate value to her. It’s so easy that it boggles me as to why more guys don’t use these earlier.

Miniature Golf – This is a good chance to see if she’s got an athletic side to her. If she does, you’re in for a night of teasing and fierce competition. If she’s not, you can still tease, but you may have the chance to pull the classic “show her how to put” move

Midnight Bowling – Midnight bowling is always fun. A lot of alleys do the whole cosmic thing and if there is a bar/restaurant attached to the place, you can usually grab some drinks while you’re at it. It’s a good chance to see if she’s a fried food girl or a salad/yogurt girl and you get to drink together a little if that’s your thing.

Bad Boy Sector – These ideas have a little more to do with your spontaneous and adventurous side. Women can absolutely go gaga over a guy that can just pick up and decide to do something last minute or plan out an adventurous day. Use these and just go with the flow bad boy!

Adventure Dinner – Here, you’ll have to know the area a little bit for it to work. You don’t want to end up stranded here. Set a timer for 20 minutes and have your girl take out a quarter while you’re driving and tell her you’re going on an adventure date. Ask her to pick a number between 3 and 7. The number she chooses is the amount of intersections you pass before making a turn. Once you hit the intersection, she needs to flip the coin – heads is right, tails is left. Once the 20 minutes is up, find the closest restaurant and that’s where your date will be.

Spontaneous Miscellaneous – This one really takes some grapefruits fellas, so listen up. My very first mentor taught me this and little did I know it was a diamond in the rough. When conversing with your girl, playfully mention something about picking up and going somewhere far (like a half hour to an hour drive), such as the beach if you’re on the coast. The goal here is to get her to challenge you to go with her. When she does, oblige, get in the car and go. Once you’re there, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure you have enough money to check into a hotel if you need to.

Don Juan Sector – I, myself am a bit more of a romantic when it comes to dating. However, you have to do these things in a subtle manner in the early stages of the game, and once you’ve got her hooked, you can heat it up a little more with the romance. Here are some light, yet romantic ideas to get her thinking about you and the show you can put on.

Private Movie Screening – Okay, so I’ve found a way to incorporate dinner and a movie in the same category, but with a little twist. This first one can be done in a few different ways, but I highly recommend using your resources. Know a friend that works at a movie theater? Have your own personal projector/surround sound? Can you rent out a space with a projector and a private room? Regardless, figure it out and give your girl a private screening of a movie she may want to see. It’s a great way of demonstrating value and showing her you can go that extra mile.

Home Cooked Meal/Wine Night – This is an extremely personalized way of doing dinner. Tell your date that you have planned something special for her and she needs to be at your place in formalwear. Dress in a shirt and tie and light candles. Grab a nice bottle of wine and make her dinner. Learning how to cook is a lot easier than you think and you’ll score some major sexy points in her book. Supplementing the night with wine will give you a chance to help her unwind. You can even offer her a backrub and get things hot and steamy in no time…

These are dating tips for guys you can use…

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