Attract Women With Foreplay Part One

Attract Women With Foreplay Part One

When most of us think of how to attract women, we only think of a few things like money, power and good looks, fortunately none of this is true. The first step to attract women is to know the foundations of attraction, and how to initiate it after approaching a woman. We’ve all heard of foreplay and think it involves the five minutes you touch a woman before you have sex, you couldn’t be more wrong.

If you want to attract women…

…you must understand the foundation of foreplay before you can even get to the physical part, otherwise if you do get into a relationship you’ll hear often “No not now… not tonight…..  Never…. you’re disgusting… you’re a pig…” A little harsh I know, I think I’ve heard worse come from a woman’s mouth. Here’s one solution to attract women.

Emotional Foreplay: Benefits: Helps to solidify you in her mind, increases intimacy, lets a woman know you care about her, and increases the chance for frequent and passionate sex. <Warning: not using emotional foreplay leads to dry spells.

Emotional foreplay is what I like to refer to as making love outside the bedroom. This type of foreplay can happen all the time. It begins when you choose to pay attention to a woman, and spend time with her, to recognize her, and to appreciate all that she is and all that she does. Engaging in emotional foreplay will also put her in a better mood, make her less anxious, more fun to be with, easier to get along with, and put her “in the mood” more frequently.

A lady’s heart is a great erogenous zone. When you learn how to fill her heart with love, it will spill over into the rest of her body and she will reward you with more frequent and more passionate sex as a natural response to the strong foundation of sincere affection that you have given her. Making love outside the bedroom can attract women more easily and keep them attracted.

Here are a few ways you can engage in emotional foreplay to attract women:

Communication: Call a woman during the day. Tell her that you were just thinking about her. This only takes 60 seconds and it’s a great way to maintain your connection. 
When you see her again, greet her with a big hug and kiss. Spend some time discussing your day, even if it’s only a few minutes. When you talk to her, really listen to what she has to say. Be there with her 100% in the moment.

You “can’t” do this while you watch the TV at the same time. Look into her eyes and hold her. Ask how she is doing and be sure to share what’s going on with you, too (nothing negative). Reassure her, comfort her, and listen to her. Usually women don’t want us to solve all their problems. They just want to share with us and want us to listen and sympathize. Don’t over do it and be her emotional tampon.

Touch: Do you ever touch a woman outside the bedroom? One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to only touch a woman when you want sex. She will pick up on this and likely start to resent you for it. (Disgusting creepy guy!) Instead, be sure to touch her often in a non-sexual way. This begins when you first meet all the way to a relationship.

For first encounters, try the two second method. To attract women this way you don’t seem try hard but natural. Try touching her arm lightly and hold for two seconds then release. After a few more minutes touch her shoulder for a few seconds longer, then slowly hold your touch even longer especially if she doesn’t flinch when you touch her slowly move to her back, neck and legs. If she does flinch never apologize for being intimate, just move back to other comfortable areas of her body till she is comfortable with you touching her in a more intimate manner. She will appreciate your attention and affection.

Words of self-esteem: Tell her what you appreciate about her, what you admire about her, why you are proud of her, or what you like about her. 
Compliment a woman. Especially compliment her on her shoes, hair, clothes and perfume it’s all in the details. Compliment her to others, also. Build her up to others in her presence. Brag on her a little bit. This will surly attract women to you, even other guys women. If she isn’t getting from her man she’ll want it from you.

Try implementing this new information into how you attract women. It will make a positive difference in how you attract women. And remember, if a woman is satisfied with her sexual experiences with you, she will usually make sure that you are satisfied as well.

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