Flirt With Women And Attract Women

How do you get to first base when you want to flirt with women and attract women?

Well you need to practice; of course it’s the only way to get good at anything.

You are not born with these skills so you must learn them, like anything else.

These simple exercises will help you flirt with women and get good with the whole attraction process. When you incorporate these flirting fundamentals into your day-to-day life, don’t be surprised if they make an awesome difference in the way you spend your evenings.

Researcher Strategy: Pretend if you can that you are a researcher studying flirting skills.

You want to begin your research studying couples in action. Observe their body language, eye contact and the little gestures that speak louder than words.

Which couples are really digging each other? Which are just hanging out? Which are distant and seem to be having problems? All these observations give you wisdom into how you can do the right things and avoid the wrong things.

Emotional games: Ask a few friends to join you in a game of charades, and instead of guessing movie titles or phrases use emotions and have each person act out an emotion and try to guess what they are trying to convey. Write a variety of emotions on cards or paper and face down pass them out to your friends.

Use anger, happiness, sadness, arrogance, hostility, pleasure, desire, disgust, and surprise to start with, then get into more complex emotions, like empathy. Pay attention to the responses, look at the non verbal cues, the lips, the eyes and the body posture of each person this will give you valuable insight into human emotions, and flirting with women, don’t forget it’s just for fun.

Triangulating: Draw an upside down triangle in the mirror, with a dry erase pen.

Inside the triangle, sketch some eyes, circles will do and a mouth. This represents a person’s face. Now practice looking at the eyes and the mouth move your eyes around the face you’ve drawn. Try looking at the left eye hold for two seconds then the right eye, then move to the mouth and do this several times using only your eyes and not your head.

This exercise helps you make eye contact and not stare at a person, like Foghorn Leghorn said, “Quit staring at me boy you bother me, what with those bug eyes of yours, you’re giving me the hebbie jeebies.” This technique is effective for attracting women and in your over all life whether it’s for a job or walking down the street.

Shadowing: Ask a friend to spend three minutes with you talking about a subject that they know. As they do this try copying their movements, mimic every gesture and expression that they make. Then have them do the same thing for you. The purpose of this exercise is to learn how to mirror a woman and attract her, by building emotional tension and building a connection.

This exercise allows you to take an honest look at the unconscious gestures you make when you speak and allows you to see yourself through the eyes of others, you should be able to see if you are tense or overly animated and begin to understand why people may find you unappealing and you being unable to attract women. When you mirror a woman you actually build rapport with her this is a powerful skill to have when you want to attract women.

Hints for attracting women:

When you want to flirt with women, you must remember that your body is speaking even when you are not. Beware of the message you are sending.

Attracting women is easy if you can master the big three: intriguing eyes, smiling lips, and effective body language.

  • Look for the non spoken signals that a woman is attracted to you.
  • “Flirt” is a friendly action. Use your eyes in a playful way to attract women.
  • Triangulating stops at the chin, when you want to attract a women it helps not to look at her chest.
  • Keep the nervousness out of the image you want to project if you want to attract women.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Just over do it and seem try hard, use fluid slow movements. Using mirroring can attract women by reflecting your interest in her on an unconscious level.

SMILE, with you teeth, lips, eyes and body if you want to attract women, she doesn’t like negative people.

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