Dating Advice For Men

You’ve snagged her number and the coveted date is arranged. The first step is to make sure you meet in a neutral place. That doesn’t mean your neighborhood bar where they all know your name. That could get complicated. Don’t forget to bring some dating advice for men tips with you. Instead, arrive about five minutes before your arranged meeting time and bring something to keep you occupied while you wait. Make sure you are busy when she arrives so you don’t notice her right away. You want to show you are busy and the type of guy who has an active life.

Make sure you don’t do the dinner and movie date either. That is outdated and boring and will get her defenses up.

Here are your goals during this first meeting:

Dating Advice For Men Tip Goals:

1. Your first goal is to create an air of familiarity. Get her familiar with you again and why she agreed to meet you by making her comfortable with small talk and asking her about her day. That kind of chitchat will help her relax and you both re-familiarize yourselves with each other. You can help this process by asking her some questions to get her to talk about herself. Practice empathy and good listening skills that will show you are perceptive and trustworthy.

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2. Begin to gently tease her. You can step up the intensity of the teasing as your meeting goes along. Make sure you aren’t cruel or insulting, just teasing her in a light-hearted way to keep her on her toes and show you aren’t like every other guy out there, sucking up to her.

3. Control and guide the conversation toward subjects that are a little less neutral and a bit more charged. For instance, you need to move away from the small talk and toward conversation topics that are more exciting, interesting, and provocative.

4. Begin to lightly touch her every so often to spark sexual attraction. Do it briefly to send the subtle message that you are attracted to her physically and that you are with her for more than a platonic relationship. Take it slow and be discreet. A good touch at this point in time that conveys what you want to would be to lightly touch her on her arm or back. Don’t linger. Another touch that gets the point across in an innocuous manner is to touch her as you brush by her in a crowd.

5. Be the one to end the meeting or get together. Time it so things haven’t slowed down too much and she’s still having a good time when you part. This will leave her wanting more. However, the only time not to do this is if the physical attraction has escalated dramatically and you are convinced that you both want to take it to the next level. Be sure she is sending messages that are unmistakable before you leap to any conclusions.

These are some dating advice for men tips that would really help in getting the woman of your dreams.

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