Dating Tips For Guys

You’ve easily surmounted what is the biggest hurdle for most men: You’ve approached that interesting woman, you’ve charmed her, followed some dating tips for guys, asked for her number, and even set up your first meeting or date.

Now, you are ready to go out. You look good, smell good, and are pumped up to get together with her again.

Before you leave your house, you should remember that you have two goals for the night: Sparking her excitement, interest, and attraction enough that she will want to see you again and getting a kiss at the end of the date.

That’s it. Work on those two things and you’ll be set. Here’s your game plan to make it more likely you will accomplish those two goals:

Dating Tips for Guys Principles:

1. Mystique. That means keeping an aura of mystery about yourself. You can hint at who you are and what makes you tick, but don’t go into much detail. Control your conversations so they focus on her. You need to give her a tidbit about you now and then so she knows she can trust you, however.

2. Posture. I’m not talking about standing up straight. In this instance, posture means the image you present to the world. You need to be sending the message that you are a guy who is not needy for women, but enjoys how they enhance his world. This is your aura and it includes the vibe that you are not a man to be played with. You need to ooze the sense that you are in command of your life and world.

3. My Three S’s. I still contend that the key to success with women lie in adopting the Three S’s and making sure they are always a key part of you. As a reminder, the Three S’s are your sense of humor, your self-confidence, and your self-discipline or self-control (same thing).

4. Continue to tease, challenge, and charm her. When you tease her, she laughs and lowers her defenses. By challenging her, you prove you are different than all the other supplicating men out there sucking up to her. When you charm her, you are showing her that you are a catch in the romantic sense. You can use your body language, touch, and facial expressions to make sure there is sexual tension so you don’t fall into the dreaded friend zone. Make sure you use the kino touch to convey your interest and to spark sexual attraction.

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5. Be patient. Don’t move too fast. We all hear stories about the guy who brings the girl back to his place right when he meets her, but that is not the norm. Instead, work on building her trust and attraction toward you. Take the time as you move forward to pick up on when she’s reached her limits for that particular meeting. If you don’t get that sense from her, keep progressing.

Now you just learned 5 dating tips for guys principles.

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