Approach Women

A lot of men can’t get past that first step on how to approach women. They see a woman across the room or street and freeze up. They don’t have a game plan to meet her and that’s where my Tease to Please method can help out. It is very similar to the Cocky and Funny approach but the technique I teach is a bit easier to understand and more complete.

In addition, when you want to meet women, the cocky and funny routine alone will not work. It might help a guy strike up a conversation and even get a phone number, but after that without a solid plan, it usually goes downhill.

Here’s how it works:

Tease to Please Approach Women Plans:

1. The idea behind this technique is to help you meet more women, gain experience, confidence, and get intimate more often. The basic concept is to only set aside four minutes to approach and attract a woman. It will work everywhere – from inside a bar to on the subway or in line at the coffee shop.

2. Why it works? The reason this technique works is that you are circumventing a woman’s normal defense mechanism and her resistance to a stranger approaching her. Anytime a guy walks up to a woman, most women automatically assume that he is trying to hit on them. As a result, she will have a self-defense barrier set up automatically.

3. From the minute, you see a woman you want to approach, give yourself three seconds until you make contact with her. Otherwise, that window of opportunity will slam shut. Here’s what you do in those three seconds:

Make a comment on her appearance that does not involve a physical trait, such as her big breasts, curvy butt, or sensuous lips. And most definitely do not make a comment on her general attractiveness.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
Instead, find something to comment on, such as her really cool green high heels. You can say something like this: “Whoa. Those are really unique shoes. My sister would love those. Where did you find those?”

Smile and make eye contact as you say it. If you don’t have a sister, say some other female relative. After she responds, the key is to act like it is a bit of a hassle for you to stop and ask her about her shoes, but you really wanted to know where she got them.

4. Now, you launch into the teasing part of the interaction.

So, maybe she has told you she picked up her green high heels at Saks Fifth Avenue. You can respond by teasing her like this:

“My sister is a lot younger than you, but I think she’d really like those. For an older broad, you’ve got a lot of style.”

Make sure, make certain, you say it with a smile that shows you are kidding, teasing her.

A tease that might be a little less strong and less likely to insult might be something like this: “Wow, with high heels that tall you better keep a look out for low-flying planes. Maybe we’ll have to get some red flashing lights or something so they see you.”

Remember, whatever you do, make sure when you approach women your teasing is done with a sense of humor so you aren’t insulting her or hurting her feelings in any way. Your goal is to make her laugh and show you are different than every other guy hitting on her. Once, you’ve done this tell her you should continue your conversation and get her number.

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