How To Ask A Girl Out

The path between meeting a girl and asking her out can be a treacherous one. It can be like scaling the side of a mountain, with the summit being the spot where sexual intimacy lies.

If you don’t pick the right path up the steep craggy cliffs for your finger and toe holds, you might lose your balance and plunge back down to earth, dangling from a safety rope. If you don’t know the steps for how to ask a girl out, you might never make it to the top of the mountain.

There are some safety measures you can take in traversing this climb. These stepping stones will help guide you from the first time you meet all the way to the bedroom, from the bottom of the cliff to the summit, with all your toe and finger holds laid out before you, preventing your fall. Here are the steps to follow:

How to Ask A Girl Out Steps 1-3

These three stepping stones are to be followed whenever you meet a girl in a place or situation where you aren’t able to proceed from just talking to her to getting her to go somewhere with you. They are mostly for people you meet on the streets or in non-social environments.

When you meet a woman at a bar or club, it is different. In that case, you might be able to skip right to step number 4, which outlines your first real date.

1. You make contact with her. That means you walk up and talk to her.

2. You get her phone number, email, or Facebook page so you can connect with her later.

3. You make that first contact. You need to call her and only speak to her briefly to arrange that first meeting.

Steps 4-6

You can always accelerate the steps between your first meeting and your end goal of being sexually intimate; you should never try to skip any of the steps. However, if she skips them first, then that gives you free reign. Otherwise, you need to make sure you take these steps in order.

4. Your first date or meeting in person must include you working to spark her attraction toward you.

5. During this time, you need to touch her for the first time. This first intimate contact, should be either putting your arm around her or holding her hand.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
6. Your first kiss should occur on the first “date” type meeting.

Steps 7-10

Your goal after that first kiss is to work on getting her alone. You need to figure out a way to isolate her, and get her away from her friends or you will never achieve intimacy. You need to figure out a way where she is comfortable with being alone with you. A woman will never be comfortable getting intimate with you when other people are around, especially her friends.

7. Here is where you can make out. There should be lots of kissing.

8. Next comes sexual touching where you are moving toward more intimate sexual contact.

9. Here is where the clothes need to come off and there is even more stimulation of a sexual nature.

10. Sex. The goal. The summit. This was the entire point of learning how to ask a girl out.

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