10 Clear Signs You Need to Back Off When Pursuing a Girl

We’ve all heard this “ A woman likes to be pursued”, but when do we draw a line between pursuing and making a fool of ourselves?

When you like a woman, it’s easy to focus too much on winning her that you could be missing out on clear signs that SHE’S NOT THAT INTO YOU!

So, how do you know when to back off? Read these 10 clear signs.

Stay Alpha,

– Carlos Xuma


Title:  10 Clear Signs You Need to Back Off When Pursuing a Girl

Contrary to modern and popular belief, pursuing a woman hasn’t changed much since the Stone Age. The majority of women – those who are a bit shy and reluctant to make the first move – still want men to pursue them with varying degrees of traditionalism.

Knowing when to back off when you pursue a girl

The problem with dating these days is that there are so many rituals that people have to go through before they can establish that they are in a relationship. You may think that you and that girl are technically an item, but she might not be on the same page.

Just because you made the effort to…

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