Find the PERFECT Woman: Seal the deal on the first date

If you’re like most guys, you probably want to find that ONE cool girl to have a long-term relationship with. Contrary to what you might see in the media, a lot of men aren’t actually into the “player” lifestyle, i.e. sleeping with multiple women at a time. You’d like to have that ABILITY, but the actual lifestyle is not your goal.

After hundreds of seminars and coaching calls, guys are interested in seducing that sexy, loyal and fun lady that they can then turn into a GIRLFRIEND.

But for most guys, going from casual to hot and heavy is a complete mystery.

They think that closing the deal with a woman – especially if you don’t know her that well – is as likely as winning the lottery. And that means that when they do get a woman in their bed, they’re likely to settle on her as being the best they could get.

They either lower their standards, or they create a sub-standard relationship that is less than their ideal vision of what could have been.

Well, guess what – I know plenty of average dudes who’ve hit it big with hot, brainy women and now enjoy a wonderful relationship.

And they didn’t have to play the lottery to accomplish it.

I knew it was possible for these guys because I was the one who taught them – and I’m going to show you, too.


Great Conversation: Talking the Talk

So, what does it take to get a woman hooked on the first date?

It all boils down to saying the right WORDS with the right FEEL. Once you’ve got this down, everything else will fall into place. It really is that simple.

Apply the right combination of words, and you’ll unlock that barrier standing between you and her – and your bedroom.

1 – Get Her Attention

So first of all, you’ll need to be an interesting guy to talk to. Ok, I know that sounds a bit nebulous, so let me break that down for you.

Keeping your girl enraptured with the conversation is as simple as having enough ‘stuff’ to talk about.

Ever notice how things get stale when you let those long, awkward pauses creep in?

There you are, desperately trying to think of something to say while she’s waiting for you to fill in the silence. It’s not a nice place to be.

You just need to keep the ball rolling so that she’ll NEVER have time to be bored.

A good way to prepare for this is by having a good list of “back pocket” topics to talk about. You can switch between them throughout the night, giving you plenty of room to maneuver and never hit a dead end.

Back when I was learning this stuff, I had a note on my phone that had a shorthand list of topics to draw from. If my mind ran blank, I pretended to “check my texts.”

Look back to any funny, exciting, or otherwise intense experiences you’ve had before. Similarly, look up current events, weird news, or trivia to draw from. (Do you know “Bono” from U2’s real name? I do.) Don’t forget to have a subject you’re really into that you can throw out in a goofy and interesting way (e.g. music, movies, art, quantum mechanics, dental hygiene, etc.).

This is good material you can use for stories or anecdotes that you can work into the conversation. And quirky = good.

Of course, you’ll also want to get inspiration from the unexpected stuff that will come up during your date. However, it never hurts to come in prepared with some ready-made stories to use.

It may sound stilted now, but you’ll thank yourself after jumping into a topic you know when the conversation starts to die or get awkward.

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