Seduction Tips For Guys

Seduction Tips

Seducing women has nothing to do with the car you drive, the clothes you wear, or how handsome you are. It has everything to do with how you act.

Attitude is everything.

It’s all about knowing what women want. I’m going to share with you the top three attitudes that will make you more alluring to women:

So here are the three Seduction Tips Attitudes:

Seduction TipsSeduction Tips Attitude #1 – Like Yourself

Having a dick rocks. Guys are cool. There are so many things we can like about ourselves. We like being guys. We like women and we like ourselves.

Women dig guys who like being guys. Here’s a little bonus fact that women realize about guys who like themselves – they probably aren’t jerks. If you like yourself, chances are good you probably aren’t a dick.

Women get that. Jerks have no self-esteem. That might be one reason they act like jerks.

The more you show you like yourself, the more attractive you are going to be to women.

ATTRACTIVE Attitude #2 – Be Fun.

This doesn’t mean being the wisecracking life of the party telling jokes, but it does mean having some personality, man.

One easy way to do this is to be more playful. Be at little goofy and silly. Don’t be afraid to act a bit childish at times. Tease women, let out your inner child – briefly.

Go to fun places – the amusement park, for instance. She’ll connect and associate the fun feelings from that place with you.

Make a list of the places you could take a woman that show her you are a fun guy. How about a picnic on the beach under the moonlight? How about playing Frisbee in the park? How about going to the waterslide park?

Some guys act like they are too cool to have fun. Don’t try to be cool. When you show you are a fun guy to be around, believe me, you are much more cool than some uptight guy who is afraid to be silly.

ATTRACTIVE Attitude #3 – Be Confident and Go For it.

Go after what you want. That shows confidence, for starters.

Confidence is doing what you want with no anxiety about what other people will think of you. If you are not hurting anyone else and doing what you want, going for it, then you will be extremely attractive to women.

Women will tell you that the number one most attractive thing about a man is his self-confidence.

Figure out what is hurting your self-confidence and change it. There are all sorts of ways to build your self-confidence if you just take some time and introspection to do so.

Sometimes building self-confidence involves learning communication skills. Sometimes it means changing bad habits and adding good ones. Sometimes it is the art of conversation or the art of verbal self-defense.

Even learning the ability to tell a good story can help your confidence level soar, especially when it comes to approaching and speaking to women.

These are some great seduction tips for men…

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