Seduction Tips

It might seem counter intuitive but one of the best seduction tips is to turn her down.

Most men would assume that they are most desirable and attractive when they give a woman everything her heart desires.

This is far from the truth.

Seduction Tips:

1. Men need to learn that every once in a while, you need to say “no.”

Maybe she wants to eat at a certain restaurant and usually you are pretty easy going in this department, but this one time you have to refuse. You have to just flat out say that you don’t want to eat there. Tell her “no.”

This does a few different things. It proves you will not allow anyone to control you. It might be a small refusal, but it speaks volumes.

Most men are afraid that if they refuse a woman in any way, they will be cut off in the bedroom, but in reality, the opposite is true.

And don’t worry that you will spark her anger by saying no. Anger is good. It shows the passion that exists in your relationship. Without that passion, you might as well be hanging out with the guys.

If you can’t make her mad at you – at least a little—then she has no emotional investment in you.

2. Don’t be afraid to express your desires and wants in a relationship, even if you think it is not what she wants to do that night. Her respect for you will actually increase even if at first she seems irritated. It is okay if she is temporarily unhappy with you asserting yourself. As long as you aren’t being a jerk and being respectful, she will respect you more. Remember that she can’t love you more than she respects you. She has to respect you first.

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3. Develop and maintain the discipline to be a man. That means having your own opinions, beliefs, and views at all times. Don’t do what you THINK a woman wants you to do. Don’t act in a ways you THINK a woman wants you to act.

Bea a man of honesty and integrity who isn’t afraid to be himself and you will gain her respect and her affections.

4. Here are actions to avoid:

  • Agreeing with whatever she says.
  • Letting her make all the decisions in the relationship, such as where to go and what to eat and what movie to watch and so on.
  • Spending every spare second with her even if she chooses to spend some of her time alone or with her friends. Have your own life. Make a point to hang out with your own friends every once in a while.
  • Along those same lines, don’t be available every single time. Don’t answer her calls every single time. Don’t be available to see her every single time.
  • Maintain your own life and make it rich and fulfilling without her. Realize that she is an added benefit that adds to your life, but that the happiness in your world is not dependent on her.

If you pay attention to these seduction tips, you will find more success with women than you ever dreamed.

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