Flirting Tips For Guys

If you want women to go crazy about you and pursue you while you field the phone calls at home, then flirting tips for guys will teach you figure out how you want to be perceived by women and what it takes to get there.

The easiest and best way to do this is to emulate some strong role models that women find attractive. The safest best is to choose role models who have achieved some longevity. These men have stood the test of time as role models.

James Bond. Whether he is on the printed page or on the silver screen, this fictional hunk has attracted women for dozens of years.

Here are some traits he exhibits that you can use when you are flirting with women:

Flirting Tips For Guys Traits:

1. Confidence in spades. He just oozes self-confidence. There is never any uncertainty about him. Even if he were feeling it deep inside, we wouldn’t know.

2. Sense of humor. He is able to put a humorous spin on things even when it looks like he’s about to meet his demise. This nonchalance is extremely attractive to women.

3. Sophisticated demeanor. He knows the best food, drink, clothing, gadgets, and so on. He doesn’t have to brag about it, either. He acts nonchalant about the finer things in life.

4. Passion. He isn’t afraid to get angry with the beautiful dame who is trying to stab him in the back. This doesn’t mean violence, it means the way he confronts a woman who is acting inappropriately. He doesn’t put up with people who treat him with disrespect.

Maybe Bond isn’t your style. That’s okay. The point is that you should find someone – fictional or real life – who exhibits the traits that you would like to make your own.

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You can fake it until you make it. Adopt those characteristics and emulate them until they become a part of you. Your attitude determines how others perceived you.

Do a little experiment if you don’t believe me. Go out to a nightclub, walk in feeling a bit insecure, and spend an hour there. See what happens. Go home and write down your experience. Write down how people reacted to you and what you felt.

Now, go to that same nightclub on the same night of the week as you did the previous time. This time walk in telling yourself that you are going to have a blast tonight and that you look good, feel good and are going to rock the place. You are good looking and any girl would be lucky to hang with you tonight.

Truly believe this and convince yourself of this, just for this one night. Now, see what your experience was. Go home later and write about it. Write about how your night went. Write about how you felt. And lastly, write about how others reacted to you.

Believe me, you will be amazed at the results.

The theme running through these flirting tips for guys is that you are what you think, so be careful what thoughts you let run through your head. Determine what kind of man you want to be and then be that man.

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