Seduction Technique

Men often ask for my advice for a seduction technique. But they are frequently putting the cart in front of the horse. Before you need to worry about how to seduce a girl, you need to figure out just how to get her phone number.

It’s really just common sense, actually: if you are ever going to close the deal, the first step you need to accomplish is getting her phone number so you can arrange another meeting.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to take this all-important, crucial first step:

Seduction Technique:

1. The simplest way to get her phone number is to do this: ask for it.

Okay, that sounds sarcastic, but what I’m trying to say is that often people are afraid to just ask for what they want in life. You can’t be mad you aren’t getting what you want, if you’ve never asked for it.

Be optimistic. You aren’t going to get anything in life without asking for it. Believe me, nobody is going to hand any of us anything on a silver platter. So the first step in getting what you want is asking for it.

2. Be willing to risk rejection. Be willing to have her say no instead of yes. Realize that her “no” means that she is the one who is missing out. She is the one who made the mistake. Remember that this is true. She is not judging you because she doesn’t have enough information about you to make a judgment, so she made a mistake in being so quick to say no to you. Take heart in that realization and also understand that nobody has the power to make you feel inferior unless you give them that power.

3. Practice a simple approach and memorize it so that it comes naturally when you walk up to a woman and ask for her number. Say something, such as this: “Hey, it was nice meeting you.” Then start to walk away. Stop. Turn back around. Say: “You know, we might want to continue this conversation at a later date. What’s your number?”

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4. Realize that at this point, it is completely out of your hands. You’ve done your part, now it is up to you. The only control you have now is how you react to what she says. If she is interested in you, she’s going to give you her number. Anything less than that is a no, despite whatever excuses might be tied up with it. I don’t care if she says she doesn’t give out her home number to men or that she’s in the secret service and has to keep her privacy. Anything less than giving you her number doesn’t matter.

5. Memorize and practice your reaction to a no and then say it with confidence. Here is a great one to say that only makes you look good and possibly leaves her regretting her actions:

Say: “Well, the night is young.” Then give her a cocky wink and walk away.

Inside, tell yourself loudly: “Next.” And move on.

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