Tips On Getting A Girlfriend

To get what you want, it often helps to put your goal or desire down on paper first. For some reason, this simple activity has enormous power. Write down what you want. Be careful what you ask for, however, because it might come true.

When it comes to dating, you need to do this first thing.

Take a look at these tips on getting a girlfriend and how they can work for you:

Tips on Getting A Girlfriend:

1. Set yourself up with an evening or afternoon alone and arm yourself with a pen and paper. Think long and hard about what kind of woman you want in your life. Look at the following areas: looks, education, athleticism, disposition, age, musical taste, smoker or no smoker, hobbies, and so on. List everything and anything you can think of. Take your time. Have a beer and snack.

2. Examine your list and break it into two categories: MUSTS And PLUSES. The musts are the qualities the woman must have, such as loyalty or honesty. The pluses are the ones that you would like but aren’t deal breakers, for instance, you might say it would be nice if she liked country music. However, if she smokes, you are not interested.

3. Make a list of steps you need to take to meet his woman. For instance, you might say, go to bars, or join a health club, learn public speaking skills, buy new clothes, get a hair cut, approach three women a day, and so on.

This might take some time and effort, but that is the point. Be willing to do what it takes to make a relationship happen. Put in the work ahead of time and it will pay off in the end.

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4. Try to find a woman who is low-maintenance. Being flexible is a sign of a low-maintenance woman. If she needs a lot of attention or coddling, she’s probably high-maintenance. If she nags or complains and expects you to read her mind: not low-maintenance. Is she independent and can take care of herself? Low-maintenance.

Low-maintenance girlfriends will make you happier in the long run and will save you a lot of stress and heartache.

5. Make sure she has integrity, respect, honesty, and a good attitude.

These are positive qualities we should seek out in everyone we deal with.

If a woman has integrity, you can trust her. Same with honesty. If she treats you and herself with respect, she’s probably a keeper. If she is a control freak and/or doesn’t trust you, that might be a sign to get out or away.

A woman with a good attitude is as concerned about you as she is about herself. She will be constantly growing as a person and cares about working on the relationship as much as you do. She will be positive, optimistic, and stable in her emotions and actions.

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