Stop Lying to Yourself About Women

One of the best ways to sabotage your dating life is by operating under false beliefs.

I see it all the time with a lot of men who let their assumptions get in the way of approaching women.

For example, some guys are too hung up over the physical aspect of attraction. And in turn, they think that they need to look like a model or celebrity just to attract women.

I’m not saying it doesn’t help to catch a woman’s interest, but looking good only gets your foot in the door.

In reality, you’ll need more than good genetics to make her think of you as a potential lover.

(By the way, this is different from having good style, which any man should have regardless of the mug he was born with.)


Instead of obsessing over your looks, you should focus on cultivating the social skills you need to really connect with women.

If you look nice but you’re boring as paint drying on a wall, you won’t stimulate her emotionally.

And that’s the key to everything: stirring her feelings in such a way that she has NO CHOICE but to FEEL attracted to you.

So rather than feeling like crap because you don’t look like a movie star, you need to go beyond crafting the perfect pickup line.

Once you’ve got the ball rolling, it’s pretty much up to you to keep things moving along.

And that brings us to another FALSE belief, which is:

“I’ve done my part, now she should do hers.”                

Hey, that sounds good in theory, but that’s not how the real world works. In actuality, you’ll need to project that masculine energy by “taking charge” of the conversation.

I don’t mean bum rushing her with a non-stop barrage of pre-rehearsed routines and not letting her talk.

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