Alpha Male Traits

Alpha Male Traits

Gender roles have switched so dramatically in the past few decades that both men and women are confused about what the other one wants. Alpha male traits will help you understand the confusion.

Women think men want a woman who pays her own way and holds the door open for him. Not true.

Men mistakenly think women want a guy who is so understanding and sensitive that it is like talking to their best girl friend. Not true.

Even the most independent, successful, ambitious, self-sufficient woman wants a man who displays alpha male qualities. Women are biologically programmed to be attracted to men who are providers. It doesn’t matter how much she doesn’t need a man in her life, she still will be attracted to particular traits.

Here are some characteristics that will make any guy attractive to women:

Alpha Male Traits:

1. Confident. More than any other trait, nurturing and building your self-confidence is the best way to become more attractive and successful with women. Confidence is magnetic. It attracts others to you naturally. It also enriches your life. Do whatever it takes to build this aspect of yourself. Put the most time into this area because you need it to have most of the other traits I’m talking about.

2. Leader. To be a leader, you must be self-confident. You need to know that your choices on where to go, what to do, and how to do it, are the right ones. Being a leader does not mean every move you make has to be perfect, either. If you are a true leader with confidence, you also aren’t afraid to admit when you are wrong. For instance, you might move the whole party to an outdoor venue and then it rains! The ability to laugh it off and say you blew it retains your leadership qualities. In fact, your attitude in handling any foibles can increase your role as a leader.

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3. Decisive. Do not be afraid to make a decision. It helps to have an opinion first. Know our opinions and own them! If you know you dislike seafood, then it is easy to make a decision to not eat at a seafood restaurant, right? Don’t be afraid to be the one to make decisions. It’s okay to make mistakes (see above).  Practice decision-making several times a day every day.

4. Cocky. Being cocky does not mean being a jack hole. Being cocky means you have a smidgen of an attitude. While you aren’t ever out to hurt someone else’s feelings, (and in fact avoid it completely) you do a great job teasing other people in a gentle way. Part of being cocky also means adopting an attitude where you truly don’t care what other people think about you. That is the essence of cocky. You aren’t a jerk, but you could care less if others don’t like you or how you act.

5. Mystery. Men who are alpha males are able to comfortably express their emotions and passions, but don’t spill the beans or wear their hearts on their sleeve. They remain a bit aloof and never share every single thought or emotion they experience, even in long-term relationships. They can express their love and appreciation for the women they are with, but they don’t need to nitpick and analyze every mood and emotion they experience.

These are some things to learn in alpha male traits.

-Carlos Xuma

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