Stop Lying to Yourself About Women

All I’m saying is since you started the conversation, you need to make sure the energy level of the conversation never goes down. If not, she’ll get bored and shut you down.

Let me give a couple of quick tips to pull this off:

  • Your body language should match your energy level. Pay attention to your gestures and voice when making a point. The same goes for your face; the more expressive you are, the more enthusiasm you project. Find the right balance between positive energy and a relaxed vibe.
  • Don’t be afraid to jump from topic to topic. A good way to keep the conversation flowing is by introducing different subjects. When you feel that you’re about to hit a dead end, shift gears and go back to other stuff you talked about earlier. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Then there are men who think that they need to plan every single detail before talking to a woman. There’s an imaginary flowchart in their heads to “prepare” them for every possible outcome.

Good luck with that.

Sure, it’s good to have a few stories in your routine so you can use them when the moment calls for it. But tripping over yourself from trying to anticipate what she’ll say next is a sure-fire recipe for awkwardness.

It’s not attractive to get stuck in your own thoughts and analyze every word that comes out of your mouth. You’ll look aloof and inattentive, which doesn’t do anything for her emotionally.


Pay attention to what’s in front of you and use the present moment to go with the flow. A little spontaneity never killed a guy!

At this point, I hope I’ve helped you re-evaluate some of your beliefs about attraction. After all, mindset is everything when you’re taking the first step in approaching a woman.

And here’s something else you should be thinking about: men are at risk of losing their testosterone by a certain age.

This loss is directly linked to a man’s ability to attract women. In fact, it makes a guy practically “sterile” no matter how good he is at making conversation.

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Stay Alpha…
– Carlos Xuma

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