Attract Women, Three Rules of Attraction

Attract Women, Three Rules of Attraction


I had this friend in college and I just couldn’t figure out why she dated the guys she did. For a while she was dating two guys who could not be more different.

One guy would come pick her up for lunch in his convertible Corvette with his neatly pressed Brooks Brothers shirt and take her to a fancy restaurant for lunch.

The next day, the other guy would come. He would pull up in his convertible, too. Except his was a dented orange Thing (remember those?) and he would drive up with two wheels on the sidewalk and would usually not have a shirt on. (It was by the beach.)

Three Rules of AttractionWell within two weeks, she had ditched Corvette guy and was crazy about Orange Thing Guy. I just couldn’t figure it out. What did he know about how to attract women? Why did she like him?

Well, turns out with hindsight I realized that the Thing guy was a “bad boy.” He knew better than the other guy that there are three important rules of attraction.

If you use these three rules, your success with women will skyrocket. These tricks are the same ones the bad boys use because they work.

Attract Women LESSON 1: Women want what they feel is unattainable.

In other words, they want what they can’t have. It’s human nature.

The more you want it and can’t have it, the more obsessed you become.

The concept is to get a girl to feel that you are a challenge and outside of her grasp. At the same time, she needs to feel like there is a slight chance or hope of getting you. Even if it is super slim, it will be enough (as Jim Carey once famously said: So you’re telling me I’ve got a chance.)

Here’s one way to become a challenge: don’t be available all the time. Just be busy and meeting so many other women, you aren’t waiting by the phone for her to call. Make it a reality and make it natural. Don’t play games. Keep your life fulfilled and busy.

Attract Women LESSON 2: Be Unpredictable.

Not knowing if you like her or if you are going to call her builds attraction.

The idea is to make her wonder what is going to happen between the two of you. It’s that sense of mystery and the unknown that the bad boys get just right and that is so appealing.

Attract Women LESSON 3: Be Consistent.

You don’t have to be exclusive. You don’t have to be sitting at home waiting for her to call, but make sure she can count on you to at least get together once a week or so.

Balance your safety and consistency with a bit of scarcity – leaving before she wants you to, calling and leaving a message when you know she won’t get it.

The idea is if we show we can establish safety, comfort, and consistency, women will find it attractive.

Although laws two and three don’t seem to mesh, by balancing the two effectively, you build something much stronger than bad boy attraction. You will be irresistible in knowing how to attract women. Up until Law 3, the Bad Boy may have had you beat, but when it comes down to it, she will pick the guy with the bad boy behaviors who also will give her safety and consistency. And that’s where you will be ahead of the game. That’s what Corvette guy didn’t know. These are the Three Rules to Attract Women.

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