How To Seduce Women With Text Messages

Whether you are available or not has a large part to do with the ability to spark attraction in a woman you have just met. Answering her phone calls or texts immediately or always being available makes you appear desperate and as if you have no life. Even it this is true, you can never let on. Here are some general rules of thumb to follow on How To Seduce Women With Text Messages to build attraction:

How To Seduce Women With Text Messages And Phone Calls Tips:

1. Don’t answer your phone every single time. In other words, occasionally let it go to voicemail. Do this especially when you see a new love interest calling.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
2. Whatever you do, never answer your phone on Friday or Saturday nights or respond to texts received during this time. You are not the kind of guy who is sitting home alone on a Friday or Saturday night. You are too busy to answer your phone or respond to a text during that crucial time. Go ahead and call or text back late the next morning, but never on a Friday or Saturday night.

3. Don’t return any texts or phone calls immediately. Again, you are too busy enjoying your life. You don’t have time to return texts or calls right away. You are not a needy guy sitting around waiting for her to contact you.

4. When you do text or call, remember there is only one goal of this interaction: to arrange a time to meet in person. You will not be able to effectively build attraction using an electronic object. You can spark her curiosity and arouse her interest, but the actual building attraction needs to be in person. So, set up your date or meeting and then get off the phone. Tell her — or text her — that you have to run now and you’ll see her at the agreed upon time and location.

5. When you do set up a time during your phone or text conversation, initially only set it up for a 90-minute period. Make sure you have someplace to be both before and after. If the meeting goes fabulously well, you can delay going to your second location for a bit. In addition, don’t fall for her asking you to call or text to confirm or verify the meeting. You can tell her this: “I’m very busy. When I say I’m going to be someplace I will be there. But I don’t have time for people who need to confirm closer to the date. If you want to meet let’s set a time and location and both be there. If not, we’ll have to reschedule for a time your certain you can make it.”

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