How To Get Girls To Notice You

There are many ways on how to get girls to notice you. You can peacock (where you have a funny hat or something that catches attention). You can be witty and funny. You can do a magic trick that blows her socks off. There are numerous ways to initially garner a girl’s attention. But let’s take a look at ways to get her to notice you and want to spend more time with you after that initial interaction:

 How To Get Girls To Notice You Tips:

1. Keep her interest high by waiting from three to seven days before you call her after you first meet. I think calling her the same day or even the next day is too soon. It makes you appear desperate. When you do call, give her a specific time to get together. Tell her you want to schedule her into your week before it fills up. Believe me, this will pique her interest and make her sit up and take note. She will notice that you aren’t the kind of guy who is desperate for her attention.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
2. When you do call that first time, make sure if she doesn’t answer, you only leave one message. If she doesn’t pick up that first time or doesn’t return your message right away, wait two days and call again.

If she hasn’t called back then you need to leave this message: “Hi Kelly, it’s Mark. I met you at Darren’s house the other day. It seems you are screening your calls or being hard to get. I think that’s cute. I thought I’d call you one more time. Let’s get together for coffee so I can see if you are as interesting as I suspect you might be. Call me.”

Then the ball is in her court. If she doesn’t call back after that, move on because she is not interested.

3. When you do talk (either she answers your first call or calls you back), the key is to let her talk for as long as she needs to. Listen for red flags. Then, when she’s done talking, get to the point: arrange a meeting and then get off the phone.

Talking on the phone does not make a woman attracted to you. Your goal during any phone conversation is this and this only: to arrange a meeting in person. Period.

To ask her out, you might say: “Hey, I’m checking out this art festival Saturday afternoon. Thought you might like it to. I can meet you at the coffee shop at 2 and we can walk over or I can swing by your place first.”

You are being firm and letting her know you are going with or without her.

4.  Make sure when you do make plans that your next get together is something you would already be doing, as well, that you just happened to ask her along for company. So maybe you were planning on taking a hike or going to the gym or checking out a new museum, then invite her along. Make it something you would do anyway. You are showing you already have an interesting life and that you don’t need her around to have fun. But you are asking her along for the company.

5. Always Be Busy. I call this one of my golden rules of attraction. This is especially helpful the first time you meet. Bring her into your world; invite her to something you are already doing. For instance, have her meet you at the coffee shop where you would already be studying. Don’t sit on the edge of your chair eagerly watching who comes in the front door, waiting for her arrival. Instead, be busy on your computer, talk to a friend on your phone, or have your head deep in an interesting book. (This can be fodder for discussion later). Show you are already busy when she arrives. (Of course, when she approaches you, immediately stop what you are doing to give her attention so you aren’t being rude.)

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