Attracting Women

So much about attracting women lies in what we believe and who we are as men. What does that mean? It means our ability to attract women is inherently tied to our thoughts, behaviors and actions.

If you want to be attractive to women, look at ways to become the best man you can be. Here are a few secrets that have helped other men achieve this:

Attracting Women Secrets:

1. You can help monitor your emotions by your actions.

If you act and do something, you can affect how you feel. When you are moving toward solving a problem, you will automatically let go of some of the angst and worry that surrounds that problem.

In other words, it isn’t always the best course of action to try to think through your problems. Sometimes we need to act to understand them or make them go away.

So how does this apply to dating exactly? Well you might be feeling some emotions about women and your dating life. For instance, maybe you are angry, frustrated, feeling sorry for yourself, afraid or anxious. It helps to realize that the only time you will feel this way is when you are not taking action toward your goal.

These feelings are rarely based in reality.

If you want to be an alpha male who is successful with women you have to place more value on your actions than on your emotions, especially the negative ones.

Think about it — being called a “man of action” is a compliment.

2. Developing a definite list of traits and characteristics that work to attract women can overcome possible detractions such as balding, beat-up car, and an out-of-style suit.

Because here’s the secret: Women will be more attracted to you by the way you make them feel than how you look.

That’s not to say that looking like Johnny Depp hurts a guy. It will help you attract women. At first. But your looks are not always going to get them in bed or make them stick around while you gab on about the Packer’s game. The reality is you can be even more success at attracting women than someone who looks like Johnny Depp if you emulate the traits he does on screen.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
Those characteristics are what women are really attracted to.

3. When you are first dating, remember that every single thing you do around a woman will serve to either increase her attraction to you or decrease it.

In order to ensure you are increasing her attraction, you need to focus on developing two key emotions: trust and respect. A woman is going to have to trust you and respect you to be attracted to you.

Establish a base of trust with her early on so that she feels comfortable with you, but not overly comfortable like she is hanging out with a girlfriend.

Respect is how you treat her. That means treating her with honest and integrity. Remember that once respect is lost, it can nearly never be regained.

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