Secrets To Attract Women

Some men mistakenly think that the secrets to attract women is driving a nice car, having a lot of cash, or having six-pack abs.

While all these things can’t hurt, they are not, ultimately, what will make a man successful in attracting women.

Here are a few secrets in attracting women that will help you in your journey:

Secrets To Attract Women:

1. The aggressive guy gets the girl. Passive guys can pick up the scraps on the floor if the dog hasn’t already got them. That’s reality. Men need to face this fact if they are going to be successful in attracting women.

If you want to attract women, you need to kick your supplicating jellyfish side to the curb and get in touch with your alpha male. Think about it: in every species on earth, it’s the dominant male who successfully reproduces. You need to be like that dominant male and take a few risks if you want your DNA in the next generation.

Ramping up your confidence and taking charge of your love life will ultimately help you be more of your true self – the one who isn’t hiding behind excuses and fears.

2. Be a man who exhibits the Three S’s — self-confidence, self-discipline, and a sense of humor.

With only these three behaviors, you can successfully attract women. Practice these traits and hone them until they become a natural part of your personality. Keep working on developing them and someday they will be a part of you the same as your personality.

These three characteristics alone will make you stand out from the crowd of men in the dating arena all striving for a piece of the pie.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
By improving yourself in these ways, you will stand head and shoulders above the rest.

3. Nice guys come in last. Don’t listen to women when they idly say they want a nice guy boyfriend who is sensitive and will hold their hand and understand their every need and desire. Instead, look at what women go for. They go for a guy who has a little bit of a mysterious or dangerous edge. They don’t go for the guy who treats them like he is their new best friend forever.

It’s true, that women want a man who can engage in a decent conversation and can share some of his feelings. But they don’t want an overly sensitive, overly emotional guy who cries into their shoulder. They want a man.

4. Get in touch with your sexual power. Men sometimes fall into a trap of thinking that their only way to be powerful in the sexual arena is to jump through women’s hoops in order to get sex. Men who think this get resentful and bitter about what they perceive they have to do to get a woman in bed.

But the reality is women don’t control the power of sex.

In fact, women want sex, too. They want sex with a man who demonstrates the Three S’s — self-confidence, self-discipline, and a sense of humor.

They have a demand and you have the supply. If you realize this and understand you are a valuable and desirable commodity, you will never be alone again.

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