How To Attract Women With “Charisma”

It used to baffle me. I would watch a guy walk in a room and women would surround him. He knew almost instinctively how to attract women – and I could never figure out just what it was he had that made him draw people to him. He might be average looking and seem to just be the average guy, but he had something that others in the room didn’t have – charisma.

How To Attract WomenWhat is the “heart” of Charisma…?

  • It’s self confidence
  • It’s an ineffable attraction that draws others to you. It makes people want what you have – even if they don’t know exactly that it is that you have. It makes people want to be you and be around you…
  • It’s a certain something that shows you have a passion for life… (This also translates into “ambition” – a highly desired trait in men by women)
  • It’s the belief that you are unique – that there is nobody else just like you…
  • It’s the certainty that you are worthy of love and happiness…

So how do you go about getting it and can you learn how to attract women with this attitude? Looking at the elements of charisma we see above, the first and most important step is to work on developing your self-confidence. This doesn’t mean that you need to be arrogant or self-centered.

It means that you have to genuinely like yourself. Not necessarily an easy task, given how complicated self-esteem can be.

The first step to liking yourself more is to make a list of all your good qualities and all the qualities you’d like to improve. Memorize your good qualities and keep those in the forefront of your mind always.

As far as your bad qualities, you should brainstorm ways to either change them or eliminate them. For instance, if one habit that makes you really down on yourself is your big gut, then list all the things you can do to change that, such as changing your eating habits or exercising – or whatever. This is just one step in how to attract women.

If your self-confidence is affected by deep-seated emotional issues or things that hurt you in the past, don’t discount professional help. You only have one life. Now is the time to start working to make it the best life you can.

(Just remember my eternal advice regarding therapy: have a plan for exiting it at some point. It’s not supposed to be forever, despite what some people claim.)

When you simply increase and strengthen your self-confidence, the other characteristics of charisma naturally fall into place. It will make you more attractive and people won’t even know what the change is. It will give you that zest for life that every human being deserves to have but that we often lose track of. It will convince you that you are unique and worthy of love and happiness.

Focus on this one thing – and it will automatically give you the keys to how to attract women.

Spending your time, money, and energy to increasing your self-confidence is really the key for how to attract women. It’s not only the best gift you can give yourself but when that special woman walks into your life, it will be the best gift you an give her – the gift of yourself and your love.

And until then, you can have a lot of fun meeting amazing women and showing that you know how to eke the zest out of life and that you’re not afraid to share that with others.

That’s true charisma.

And it’s something that we all want – and all want to be around.

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