How To Seduce A Woman, Seduction Made Easy

You hear it all the time in today’s media… “The new age of women is looking for a sensitive guy.” Yes, that is somewhat true, but not in the sense that you may think.

As a matter of fact, women still want what they’ve wanted since prehistoric times! They want a man who can protect and provide for them. They want a man who is stable and reliable, yet adventurous at the same time. They want a man with confidence.

However, in recent years, they’ve also come to the realization that the best man of all is the one who has all of these qualities, but also possesses the power of sensitivity.

So, if not the “nice guy” type of sensitivity that we commonly associate with that word, then what do we mean? Well, we mean that women want a guy who can open up his ears, open up his eyes and actually understand what it is she truly wants. When a man truly understands a woman and what she needs and wants, that is when she is all his. Such becomes the case in the place we all want to excel at most: IN THE BEDROOM!

Using sensitivity in the bedroom is the number one way to make seduction easy. I’m going to give you three tips that you can use tonight that well ensure your girl, or your future girl (go get her, tiger!) feels comfortable, protected and down right attracted to you in the bedroom.

Checking her out – Contrary to popular belief, girls actually find it flattering when guys check them out; so long as they aren’t too creepy about it. Whether you’ve been with your girl for 25 years or just got her number yesterday, make sure you check her out.

Our eyes can see the world differently in any given moment. That’s why you’ve got to make sure you’re checking your girl out from time to time for the rest of your days with her. You’ll begin to learn to notice and appreciate new things about her and be able to display that to her in new ways.

Women are sensitive creatures by nature. Many of them need that extra confidence booster to feel lovable and attractive. Make sure you subtly display that to her when you feel it’s the right time – but don’t go overboard!

Pay attention – Seduction is a back and forth process. You need to be able to play that tug of war with the best of precision. I know that sometimes once our brain shifts from our head to our pants, we find it hard to resist the temptation to just go ahead and please ourselves and not give a shit about anything else. But it’s VERY important that you keep your eyes and ears on her and pay attention to the cues her body is giving out.

It certainly takes some practice, but with time, you can really figure out what a woman is trying to say without saying it in the bedroom. It becomes a very powerful tool and she’ll take notice to it. And best of all, as long as you keep doing it, she’ll thank you for it again and again!

Eye Contact, Questions and Confidence – These three things may seem a bit contradictory, but in the end they go together hand in hand in hand. First, the one question you should always ask at least once when things start to get hot and heavy is this (and make sure you make confident eye contact when doing it): “Are you comfortable?” This shows that you are taking her feelings into consideration. It will definitely mean the world to her.

You also want to show her your confidence here. Eye contact and smiles will show this well, but you also want to show her that you are a man that knows what he wants. Move through your motions swiftly and take her for the ride of her life – but only if she is consenting. Of course when I say you should know what you want, you should never force yourself on her. If she wants you, she will make it absolutely clear.

Be safe and in the words of Carlos, Stay Alpha.

– Joey Mulligan

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