How To Seduce A Woman

When it comes down to it, most of our interaction with women has one person – to spark attraction. The goal of our long, in-depth conversation is really to build up the attraction she feels for you and gives you a chance to get to know her and learn what she likes and what she doesn’t.

I have a series of questions I share with men who are learning how to seduce a woman that will help her associate good and positive feelings with you. I call these the “intrigue questions.”

Here’s how they work and here are the questions that will help you be successful in seducing a  woman: (remember they are all about creating a positive feeling and having that feeling associated with you)

How To Seduce A Woman Questions:

1. You give the reason you are going to ask the question. So, for instance, you might say that you were driving by an amusement park the other day and were thinking how interesting it was how they design the rides.

2. Then you tie that statement into some emotion. So, for instance, you might say, that you’ve heard that people who design the rides are trying to find the perfect combination of something that is dangerous and thrilling, as well as addicting. It gives the rider a rush and they are caught up in the excitement.

3. Now, you’re ready for the question: Ask her what her favorite amusement park ride is, why she likes it and how it makes her feel.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
That is an example of an intrigue question. It is engaging, but also very unique. Questions of this type should not be overused. Use them sparingly for greatest effect in flirting with a woman. They are capable of arousing emotion and excitement in her.

Now, let’s talk about some topics that should be avoided when using this technique in seducing a woman:

How To Seduce A Woman Techniques:

1. Don’t be self-deprecating. This is just not attractive.

2. Don’t talk about anything violent. That means avoid conversations about boxing, wrestling, cruelty, death, rape, etc.

3. Don’t talk about anything controversial, such as religion, politics, etc.

4. Don’t talk about why her or your job sucks.

5. Don’t talk about her ex or your ex-girlfriend.

6. Don’t talk about health problems that you or anyone you know have.

7. Don’t talk about how much money you or someone else makes.

8. Don’t ask typical questions that most guys ask on a date. Just avoid those altogether to show you are different.

9. Avoid any sex talk. The only time this is okay is if she brings it up first.

10. Don’t talk about your past or how cool you were in high school or college or whatever.

11. Don’t talk about your family unless you are saying warm things about them and even still, keep it short.

12. Here’s the last DON’T and it’s a big one when you are learning how to seduce a woman: Don’t brag. If you’re really cool, you don’t need to say it. The biggest complaint I hear from women I meet is that guys like to turn a conversation around and use it as a way to tell you how cool they were and how accomplished they are.

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