How To Attract Women With Sales Techniques

Have you ever wondered how easily stores attract women?

Well the answer is quite simple, and it has nothing to do with name brands or the look of the merchandise itself, it’s all about the emotions a women gets from buying something.

If you didn’t already know most women suffer from low self-esteem, and to combat this women surround themselves with positive experiences such as shopping for shoes or other make them feel good things, what drives their actual purchase however is the emotion behind the purchase and the experience that the sales people provide them.

Here are simple examples of how women buy things: The cosmetic counter at the department store, free samples of fudge brownies at the grocery store, massage chairs in the mall kiosk area, hair salons, manicurists, tanning salons, health food stores, shoe stores, what attracts women to these places? It all has to do with the feel good emotions and positive experiences women get from these places of business. That’s why they buy.

I am going to teach you, that to attract women it’s really a matter of understanding two rules and applying these rules to a five step process, to close the deal and attract women just like the stores do.

The two rules are, needs analysis, and the 80/20 rule. The needs analysis is any and all relevant information obtained during a sales interview that leads to a solution to a person’s problem. The 80/20 rule is simply to listen 80% of the time and ask questions or answer questions 20% of the time.

Here’s how to apply these rules to attract women.

In order to effectively attract women you must give her five things, to close the deal. You’re not selling anything materialistic but you are selling intimacy, and if you want to attract women you must know how to sell the intimacy you offer or it will get rejected.

PERSONAL: The experience you want in order to attract women, must be personal, ask her name and use it often, women are often put off by being called nick names, before you actually know who they are. Ask more questions too, like about her family, pets, living arrangements, favorite foods etc. (Don’t ask if she is single assume she is if she’s talking to you) Remember it’s not a competition, don’t compete. If she feels you are competing against her you’ll never get the information you need to attract women. Friendly is the mindset you need, she must feel that the intimacy you offer is sane, functional and stress free.

PROFESSIONAL: This is where you want to attract women through the use of confidence and charisma. This is the rapport building stage of you conversation.

Now the two rules I mentioned before come into play here big time, if you are warm, friendly, full of high positive energy, this is the time that you ask more intimate questions, using the 80/20 rule you now begin to form your needs analysis, and your intimacy is the solution to her problems of a low self-esteem and otherwise dull boring life.

This is where you attract women by demonstrating charisma through the use of tact of words, not game playing and manipulation. Ask more detailed questions about her life in a warm and friendly way, make her feel as if you actually care, she wants to trust you and make a connection all women do.

PRODUCTIVE: This part of the conversation is how you deepen the interaction and really attract women this is where they begin to fall for you. Have you ever heard the expression this conversation is going no where? This is the time to take her mind where she wants to go, from negative to positive.

She doesn’t have time for games, tell her indirectly what you want and what you want to do at this point. If you want her to have sex with you, tell her you want to hang out at your place and you’ve got something to show her over there even if it’s your Star Wars collection. Just don’t tell her that!

PART OF THE PROCESS: Women want to feel like you are on their side when it comes to intimacy. When it comes to attracting women, she needs to know that you understand her and her needs, and that you can offer her clear solutions to her problems. Women will often say I just want a guy that is in sync with me.

If you have discovered her needs she will be more inclined to trust you because she feels you “get” her, and when you attract women she wants to see you as an ally that has her best interests at heart, not yours.

POSITIVE: Women love to talk, about themselves and about you when you have demonstrated high value as an Alpha male. When you attract women it is a must to have the entire interaction positive and fun. Once you have established a great relationship with a woman, she will tell everyone about you and how intimate you are.

You can attract women through sales as I have, and sell them your high value intimacy that Beta males don’t have and she will continue to sell your intimacy to other women. Now get out there attract women, sell your intimacy, without fear of rejection.

Just follow these proven sales techniques for selling to women and you’re going to see a radical shift in the responsiveness of women – and you’ll understand some critical factors in how to attract women.

– Jacques Joyeaux


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